Monday, 5 August 2013

Our romantic getaway.....from dating to engagement!

In the winter of 2011, I started mentioning that I wanted to visit Italy. Some of the reality shows that I was watching at the time was visiting there and it made me start thinking how badly I wanted to go. I mentioned it to Paul and he agreed. He had never been there either and what a great trip it would be for the both of us!

Little did I know that this trip was going to be different than any trip we've ever been on before. We've been down south a few times and taken weekend getaways to popular cities but this was going to be epic. This was going to be a trip of a lifetime. I could just feel it! We were both so excited planning this trip overseas. We decided we'd like to visit Greece as well as Italy during this trip. How romantic!

As we put together every detail of our stay, many of my friends and coworkers would mention that they had a feeling he was going to propose on this trip. Was he? I didn't want to know, all I knew is that this trip is going to be perfect for the life we were now living.

Before we started to plan the trip Paul had asked me what style of rings I had liked, when in fact I've never actually figured that out! Because we had never spoke about it before, I never wanted to tease myself by looking for the ring of my dreams. So with that being said the only engagement ring designer that I knew of on the top of my head, was NEIL LANE. For any girl who doesn't know who NEIL LANE is, shame on you! (just kidding) But he is by far one brilliant jewelry designer. The first ring that popped up on my screen was this gorgeous pink cushion cut diamond with 2 half moon diamonds on either side, shining like a beautiful diamond should. I turn to Paul and tell him, "This! Something like this!" I wasn't expecting an actual ring like that, but to show his dedication he actually contacted their company and inquired about the ring without me knowing. A few days went by and he told me that he had contacted Neil Lane and received a response on the ring I had shown him. They advised that it was a 10 karat diamond and unfortunately retails for over 7 figures. Whoa! I have great taste!

Now we are finally gearing up for our romantic getaway. Our flight was taking us to Athens, Greece where we would be staying in a little town in the suburbs of Athens called Glyfada. If you google it, it's describes as the "Beverly Hills of Greece"! Ha! How cool :) It definitely was a vacation spot. We had spent our days eating and drinking and just being in love. The days were hot and sunny, where the nights were warm and wonderful. We spent separate days touring the ruins in the Parthenon and taking a speed boat to one of the prettiest closest islands called Hydra.

While on this island, it was hot hot hot! We would walk along the sidewalk steps and ventured this small island of beauty. Then it was time for lunch and a beer. We stopped at this charming restaurant that over looked the ocean at the edge of a cliff. The view was stunning and there was not a cloud in the sky.  After the lunch he asked if we could sit along the cliff  to look at the view. Holy was it breath taking! He began to get all mushy (he's pretty lovey dovey but this was suspicious) and started suggesting that he'd like to see what the view is like from higher up. We left this gorgeous spot and walked up the pathway to a spot where a lonely bench was sitting with absolutely no one around. We have a seat and again take a look around. It was gorgeous! We both agreed that we had never seen anything quiet like it. Now mind you because there are no clouds in the sky, it's friggin HOT! Paul suggests that we move soon because it's so hot. I decide, why wait... let's just go now? He tells me to wait he's not ready to leave that spot.

Then begins to tell me he how much loves me.
Me- "Well I love you too"
Paul- "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you"
Me- "Me too!"
He turns to me and says "Will you marry me?"
Me- "Of course I will!"
Then in true Paul fashion, he says "Good! Because I've been carrying around this ring since the beginning of the trip". He reaches into his bag he's been carrying during our trip and takes out this silver ring box and opens it up. There sits the most beautiful ring I've ever seen! In the Greek sun it sparkled like I've never seen a ring sparkle. How stunning! Oh boy... my heart just jumps when I think of that moment:)

For the rest of that trip I would turn to Paul and look at my ring and giggle. We're getting engaged! I couldn't believe that I was going to marry this man I love! We decided to keep the engagement to ourselves until we arrived home and could tell our friends and family personally. It was hard to keep it to ourselves but what a great secret to keep! Mind you along our trip in the restaurants in Rome and Florence, we'd tell complete strangers about our secret. Hey, we were never going to see them again! Why not!

So here we are, 14 months later, 40 days away from our wedding day, I'm I'm even more in love with him than I ever have been!

Here's a shot of the Hydra Island In Greece, just a short time before Paul was about to pop the question!

Yes I tried to coordinate my outfit with their country's flag. I thought it was suiting LOL

Our first photo as fiances. We're engaged!! :)

The proposal spot <3

The bling! I like to call her Beyonce because he liked it and put a ring on it:)