Saturday, 10 August 2013

Our engagement photos

I know, I know... We're getting married in 35 days (omg only 35 days!!!!!) but there once was a time where we were a NEWLY engaged couple. 

When we first got engaged, I took in every tip, suggestion and post I could about planning a wedding. But nothing was as fun as scrolling through Pinterest and sorting through photos upon photos of ceremonies, wedding blogs and my favourite...... Photographers posts. 

How dreamy is it when you can see two people so in love, with that "spark" being captured by a photographer so involved in that moment! I love to scroll through those photos. I don't even care that I don't know these people being photographed. There's nothing quite like the LOOK of love :)

I told Paul that the most important thing about our wedding other than actually marrying him (because he's such a babe!) was having someone to share our day and making a memory of it for us. He was letting me take the reins in finding "the one" who was going to be there for our celebration of love. I made it my first mission to find and book our wedding photographer. I referred back to those photos I've been looking at but most of those Pinterest posts were for photographers in the states. Hrm... I need to start looking more local! So I took my search to Facebook. I posted a status that read something along the lines of "recommendations for a wedding photographer would be greatly appreciated!"  No sooner did I press that "enter" button to post my status, did I receive numerous recommendations for fabulous photogs! Ahhhh this is what I needed!!  

As I went through all the posts, I wrote down all the photographers company names and went to each of their websites. One by one I would check them off giving mention if I liked them or not. One of the first few recommendations I received was for a photography company named Crystal Clear Imagery. I kept going back to her website after every other photographers site I saw. Her images were stunning. They were simple, soft, romantic and she really kept her focus on what was important..... The love between her couples. 

After searching through all the recommendations, it was clear that my choice was to contact Crystal. From there the rest was history! We emailed back and forth, we met and absolutely loved her! We booked our engagement photos with her in September, she recommended 6pm for a beautiful glow from the sun and couldn't have asked for a better day. (Except the humidity, but we experienced a lot of that, that summer) 

Here's some of the photos she got of us that day. 

We brought some chocolate kisses and champagne to celebrate with!

I also got this ampersand sign made as a prop! It worked quite well don't you think? 

My ring marks the spot on top of the island of Hydra in Greece where he popped the question!