Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Bridal Shower

On Saturday July 28th all my favourite women in my life "showered me with happiness" before our big day. This day was filled with emotion and surprises. I had my beautiful bridesmaids setting up the hall and perfecting a fun party. 

The shower had taken place in a building where there was 2 floors so it was only right to have my guests be greeted by a sign to ensure them the party was here and where to go!

When they got inside they were greeted by my bridesmaids and given some direction on how the party was going to flow. Instead of having my guests sign a book to remember their attendance, I thought it would be hilarious to have the ladies fill out a personalized Mad Lib story to share their "advice" to the bride!

After they wrote their "advice", they were given ballots to guess how many gowns I tried on before finding the ONE! 

I found this cute wee birdcage from Michaels that I just adored as decor and thought it would be great to have cards placed together instead of scattered all over the table. 

I had made a sign to countdown the days until my wedding where I become a MRS! From the day of the shower there was 48 days until the big day :)

The centrepieces were handmade by my sister Kelsey and I. My sister was gracious enough to give me her empty  liquor bottles, where I then cleaned them out, took off their labels and spray painted them with gold spray paint. The paint I was originally looking for was a rose gold. I couldn't find the rosé gold anywhere! So I used gold and it turned out exactly the shade I was looking for! Just a touch of baby's breath to complete the look for everyone's tables. 

All my ladies were treated to alcoholic and non alcoholic bridal shower inspired punches. (Note: the names that describe the punch desired!)

My gorgeous bridesmaids! 

Cheers to a wonderful shower!

One of my bridesmaid made the sweetest cake for the party!

Lastly all the guest left with a martini glass filled with my favourite Lindt chocolates. Chocolates and Cheers!