Friday, 15 August 2014

Our Baby Koz has arrived!!!!

As you may guess.... We are exhausted! But I couldn't leave my pregnancy progress incomplete! I was able to get myself together (whatever that means- blow dried my hair, put on some makeup and got dressed hahaha) and was able to get a few pics in front of our chalkboard to complete our "Waiting for Baby Koz" series!!

Without further adieu.....

Week 39

What a week that has been! I thought I was going to explode. Literally. I am stuffed full of baby (and ice cream). I didn't know how much longer I was going to be pregnant for. I started to brace myself in thinking that I was going to be pregnant forever. I thought that might be easier thinking that, instead of waking up every day wondering if "today is the day"

Here are that weeks stats....

How far along are you: 39 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 51 friggin pounds. Yikes
Sleep: It's sooooo hard to stay asleep. So when I close my eyes for more than 5 minutes that means I slept. LOL
Wedding rings on/off: Engagement ring still off, can't get wedding ring off my finger.
Best Moment of the week: I HAD MY BABY THIS WEEK!!! More on that later :)
Food Cravings: We went to St.Catharines rib fest on the Civic holiday Monday. I love ribs and pulled pork!! Oh don't forget, the funnel cake as well :)
Symptoms: Before I went into labour I had my 3rd stretch and sweep. This one really hurt. I cramped all day on the Tuesday it was done, and a lot the next day. My lightening I was experiencing was awful. I thought my body was falling apart. Not to mention I went into labour on Thursday! Ahhhh!!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Week 38

These last few weeks have felt like they have been months. Waiting for this little man to make his entrance into world is exhausting. I started off my 38th week with heading to the maternity centre for my weekly check up. During this appointment I expressed how I was interested in getting a stretch and sweep. If you would like to learn more about what that is, click here because I don't want to explain it. Hahaha. My doctor at this appointment was amazing and found no problem with helping out by doing a stretch and sweep that day. She went on to explain that she will be able to find out if I'm dilated yet. You better believe that I was hoping I was already was! It was a tad painful but at this point I just want to move things along. Like the saying goes "No pain, no gain". She was happy to announce that I was 2-3cm dilated and 50% effaced! Yaaaa!! Let's get this show on the road! But as the week went by.......No baby. Some other pregnancy things happened (that I'll leave out) that got me excited, but still NO BABY. Argh.

My family got together for an impromptu dinner on Tuesday night. While trying to figure out where to go to eat, I thought we should go to Pizza Hut! When we were younger and our dad would take us out for dinner there on his visitation nights. Tuesday nights were YTV kids night (who didn`t watch YTV when they were younger?), where they had deals for kids meals, face painting and I believe some other entertainment for the kids. So everyone agreed to go! Of course they would. It`s nostalgia at it`s finest.

Oh I also forgot that I got my braces off! I have spent the last 21 months of my treatment at Red Hill Orthodontics. They really know how to run a business. They`re highly active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where they regularly post contests to get their patients involved in keeping their treatment in mind. I "like" them on Facebook and knew once I get my braces off, that they would ask me if my ortho could take a picture with me and my new smile to post on their Facebook page. Duh, of course I would! They also asked if I wanted to bang the gong. Um.. hello! It`s not every day you get your braces taken off for good. Of course I want to bang that gong. I rang it so loud, I`m sure my baby felt the vibration from it for hours. I had a wonderful experience with them and would definitely recommend any one who was thinking about orthodontic work, to go and see Dr Susan Eslambolchi for a consultation. Visit their site for more info.

My orthodontist and I, moments after getting my braces off :)

And here are my stats for the week...

How far along are you: 38 weeks!
Total weight gain or loss: I`m 50 pounds up from my pre pregnancy weight. Holy moly.
Sleep: Sleep is a bitch. I`m up every 2 hours (at least) getting up to go to the washroom, because I`ve switched positions, laying on my left side to my right side and rotating positions has got the baby laying right on my bladder waking me up. I`ve been waking up around 6am, not able to fall back asleep. I`ve found that cinnamon raisin bagels toasted with butter are great at that time of day to eat, in order to get me back to sleep while watching nonsense television.
Wedding rings on/off: it's finally happened. I've noticed my fingers were starting to get swollen and I couldn't get my rings off one night. I waited until the morning and got my engagement ring off. I left my wedding ring on. Now I'm not sure I'll be able to get my wedding ring off even if I tried!! 
Best Moment of the Week: getting my hopes up thinking that the stretch and sweep was going to help! I was really excited for it. Back to the drawing board.....
Food Cravings: Kelsey told me about the Banana Cream Pie blizzards at Dairy Queen this week. I`m grateful that she never told me about them sooner because they are to die for! I`ve had 2 this week. Don`t judge me.
Missing Anything: wearing my regular summer clothes. At this point it`s not too fun rotating through the same 4 tops, couple pairs of shorts or skirt and dresses.
Symptoms: I started getting carpel tunnel in my right wrist last week. During this week`s appointment my blood pressure was a little higher than it`s been so I need to make a visit to the pharmacy daily to check on it. If it goes any higher than I may need to take a trip to Labour & Delivery to ensure my little baby is ok in there.
Moods: For the most part everything has been pretty good..... I`m just dying for him to come out!

We are now in the final days. Here's a cute little baby pool Cathie put together at my shower. Any guesses??

Part 3 of "Operation get baby Koz out" was eating spicy food. Paul and I made a trip to our favourite Indian place in Hamilton called Curry Palace. I'd like to call this photo "I'll have the spiciest thing on the menu please"

Finally a shot of me and the bump about to head out for a swim. I kept my shorts on for the photo because I'm not THAT comfortable posing in a bikini this late I'm pregnancy. But you get the idea on how pregnant I am. Pretty damn pregnant!!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Week 37

Here we go. We're in the home stretch. Our little baby boy is officially full term. This is the part in my pregnancy that I honestly thought would never get here! I've been tracking my pregnancy since day one (literally) on 4-5 different pregnancy apps on my iphone. Every week was better than the last. Every picture they showed of an ultrasound and what my baby could potentially look like, began to look more and more like an actual baby. I always wondered what the next week would bring, heck- I wondered what the next month would be like! Every day was something new and different that was happening to my body. It's the greatest science experiment that I've ever been a part of. 

Now I sit here and know that I have a full grown baby that's scrunched up in my tummy, sucking his hands, hiccuping, sitting on my bladder, with his feet in my left ribs and head down (like a good baby in position that should be ready to go!). My mind still can't wrap around the fact that this is our first child who will grace us with his presence any day now! (With my luck it'll be in a couple weeks, let's not kid ourselves here) But this person, is someone I've dreamt about for years. Being young and imagining what it would be like when I'm a mom and I have children. THIS IS IT. I'm about to be a mom. The man of my dreams is about to be a dad. We made a person who will be in our lives forever (and hopefully only live with us until he's done his schooling, hahaha). Paul and I have tried prepared for our lives to be changed by one small person that we've wanted so badly, for so long. I await the day that I am in excruciating pain, knowing that you're finally ready to meet us. It's the weirdest thing to wait for that pain that will notify us that you're ready, but I'm dying for that moment. I've packed your bag with the clothes we'll put you in when we meet you for the first time. I'm ready for our first meet, baby. 

Here's my stats for the week.....

How far along are you: 37 weeks and FULL TERM!!
Total weight gain/loss: This is the part where I was hoping I'd be able to say I've lost weight, or haven't gained any weight- meaning the baby is preparing for his departure. However that's not the case and I'm probably up a pound or 2 from last week. 
Sleep: It's still fairly easy to get to sleep because I'm always so tired at the end of the day. I have been milking my sleeping habits for all it's worth knowing that I won't be able to sleep for hours consecutively once he arrives. AND HERE IT IS IN PRINT that I've been sleeping every chance I've been able to get. (to Nicky reading this in the future: sleep was glorious. You did it as much as you could. Rock on sister. Sorry about your luck now. LOL)
Best Moment of the week: doing more things around the house to prepare for the baby. I washed ALL of his clothes. (my hands were cramped the next day from folding such tiny items) I've packed his and my bag for the hospital, which means it's soooo soon! AND we, or should I say Paul has finally been able to put his crib together!! We've only had it in our possession since April, but moving and painting his room did take a few months to do. Paul also put together all his baby contraptions- car seat, stroller, baby vibrating/soothing chair and installed the car seat. Ahhhhh! It's baby central over here. Not to mention, we got a porch swing for our balcony (that I wanted soooo badly) for breast feeding time!! Paul's setting that up as we speak.
Food Cravings: As the weeks pass, I've had those reminders that pregnancy cravings won't be so cute when I'm not pregnant any more. I'm slowly starting to cut out the junk food that I've let myself have over these last 9 months. Today during our grocery shop, I wrote on our list NO ICE CREAM, and stuck to it. No chips, no cookies...... It's going to be a shock to the system, especially at night when my cravings are at it's all time high, but I need to start getting a grip. Operation "Yummy Mummy Post Baby Body" will be taking affect in a few short weeks. 
Missing Anything: Beer. I want a cold draft beer dammit.
Symptoms: Lots of symptoms. A Lot. I can't forget the newest one; carpel tunnel in my right hand. This is a fun one :/ luckily I still have wrist braces from when I had tendonitis. 
Moods: Giggly as hell this week. Will laughing bring the baby out? Stay tuned!

Here's the beginning the remedies/ techniques I'll be using for "Operation get Baby Koz out". Part 1- raspberry leaf tea. I steep it for 20 minutes because I like it strong, then I'll refridgerate it because it's summer and hot drinks suck in this weather when you're already as hot as a stove. 

While Paul was renovating the nursery, he wouldn't let me view it until it was complete. Here's his way of creating an obstacle to keep me out by setting up all his tools in the way of the nursery door. Hahaha
This is what the room looked like before. 

And here's the after. Freshly painted ceiling, crown moulding, wainscoting, repainted trim, ceiling fan and the blue was changed to Gossamer blue by Benjamin Moore paints. 

Here's the proud dad to be setting up his baby's crib :) 

The final product! I won't go into detail now about the issues I ran into while making the bed skirt, but here it is completed. 

What you can't see is the matching pleats on the skirt go with with fitted sheet I made. Grrrrr. It's still pretty cool though. 

Part 2 of "Operation get Baby Koz out"- walking every damn day. Here's his auntie Courtney helping me along. What's a trip to Hutches without some ice cream? 
Before I finished this post, Paul told me he finished setting up the porch swing. So here is me and the bump enjoying our first swing together. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Week 36

This week marks another one of my friends who has left the pregnancy train and had her baby! Our good friends Carrie and Jay welcomed their daughter Emma on Saturday July 12th. We are over the moon for these 2 as they are going to be wonderful parents, and this little girl is so incredibly lucky.

As the weeks tick by, our baby is starting to feel like he`s ready to head out and I'm physically ready for the baby but our house isn't!! We needed to get a step on preparing our home for our newest addition. Paul has been working like crazy on the baby's nursery, where I've been keeping busy sewing the baby's bedding. But we still need some things for the little nugget. First thing's first. Our little babe probably won't be sleeping in his crib right away. We are wanting to have him in our room for a little while in a bassinet, making it easier for night time feedings and getting used to this new person we're in charge of! (also to avoid the risk of SIDS) I have been reading up on how long people usually keep their babies in their room in a bassinet. It seems that a few months is the norm, until they practically grow out of their bassinet. So knowing that these little babies are only there for 2-4 months, I figured these bassinets are hardly being used and maybe buying second hand wouldn`t be such a bad idea.  

I started searching online for bassinets that I really liked and found a style that both Paul and I agreed that we wanted for our baby. I searched and posted on some mom2mom sites to see if anyone had that style of bassinet available for sale. Other moms out on these sites are pretty awesome, because within the day I had a few messages on bassinets they were selling or suggestions on where they had seen the style we were looking for. Wouldn`t you know that within a couple of days I was able to pick up the bassinet we wanted that was only used for almost a month and was less than half the cost of buying it new. Score! Thrifty Nicky strikes again :)

Now we wanted to get something that would probably be used a lot in the months to come. A nursing chair! Paul and I got the chance to go on the hunt for a comfy recliner rocker that we`d also be using to help our sweet one drift off to sleep.  I didn`t want a wooden rocking chair as it never appealed to me that it`s very comfortable. I had the image of a plush recliner with the capability of allowing us to fall asleep in it, if need be. Well thrifty Nicky had been scanning stores for sales and online sites but nothing was really coming up. Paul had the suggestion of looking at outlet stores and see what we could find there. Good one Paul! We found something right away! I`m not really one to purchase a light coloured piece of furniture, but this one was perfect for what we both liked. 

At this week's maternity centre appointment I had to be tested for Group B Strep. I never knew what this was until I Googled it. Apparently it's bacteria that lives in 1/3 of our intestines. Between 15-40% of women have this bacteria in their vagina. Soooooo having said that, they need to know if it's there and where it's harbouring before le bebe comes as it could cause the baby some problems. And it might not! For more information on it, copy this link 

Here`s my stats for the week.....(man do I ever look huge and tired. Ugh. Well in all fairness this was taken at 10pm last night) 

How far along are you: 36 weeks! Just about a month to go!
Total weight gain or loss: I got weighed in at my appointment today at 184 pounds! Good grief. That`s 46 pounds for all you keeping score. 
Maternity clothes: I think that I`m over this portion of my stats. It`s not going to change until the baby comes out. I`m large and I feel like nothing fits. End of story.
Wedding rings: they're still on!! I'm amazed. 
Sleep: cat naps during the day is the way to go. I could fall asleep doing anything. It`s just too bad it takes me awhile to get in a comfortable position to actually GET to sleep.
Best Moment of the week: When my baby kicked the doctor`s hand, while she was trying to hear his heart beat with the doppler. The doctor was surprised and I just laughed because finally someone got the chance to see how crazy he is in there. After the kick he shifted his body to make it more difficult to get his heart beat. Haha... what a crazy baby! 
Food Cravings: Look at the size of me. I don`t need to crave anything. Food just migrates itself to me! 
Missing anything: my pre baby body. I`m going to have to get working real hard to get close to what I looked like before. Thinking about it just makes me tired!
Symptoms: Let`s see.....sore crotch, sore back, grouchy moods, swollen feet, braxton hicks.....So far not tooooooo bad. I don`t have these symptoms altogether at the same time. It just rotates throughout the days. When`s this nesting instinct going to kick in?? I can`t muster up a lot of energy to unpack and organize my house yet. I will do a little bit then get disinterested and move on. C`mon nesting! Find yourself in my body please!! Haha
Moods: Happy or moody as heck. I get more annoyed as the day goes on. By the end of the day when I`m sitting on my couch with a heating pack on my back and I`m needing to get up to use the washroom every hour, I start to crab up. Hence, why I eat the most at night. Eating shuts me up for the most part. Hahahaha. 

I'll leave you on this note....

Friday, 11 July 2014

Week 35

This week started out with such amazing weather. On my first day off, I took advantage of the warm sun and our new private backyard by hanging our clothes out to dry. I've never hung clothes outside to dry before as my last backyard was like a fish bowl: everyone would have been able to see what I'm hanging out there. I didn't care for that! So in a few hours I got 3 loads of laundry done and dried. I just wish we could have summer all year round! 

When the pretty weather started to fade on us, I got working on the baby's crib bedding. I've been following a pleated crib skirt pattern that hopefully turns out with these fabrics. I've done some altering to the pattern, where I hope I haven't botched the final product by doing that. I still have much to do, but I'm feeling ok about it so far. Trial and error is the name of the game. I just learnt about tension on my thread. Thank goodness for YouTube and Google because I was loosing my mind, wondering why my thread was bunching under my fabric after awhile. Grrrrrr! Crisis averted. 

I've been dying for a swimming pool for as long as I can remember. Now that we have a backyard large enough to build one, my hopes for having one built is at an all time high. However money is definitely a factor so I've had to settle for a small thing I can float my pregnant body in the mean time. Many stores were having sales on last weekend, so I scooped up this 30" x 10ft pool to fill up and use at my lesuire. I can't wait until it's actually warm enough to use it!!
All I need now is a good floatie and a great book :)

My wonderful husband has been working his butt off in the nursery. As you can see the room we chose for the baby's room was already blue. Total coinsidence! Paul actually has big plans for this room. He's the master mind behind the main design! He began with taking out the rod from the walk in closet, then installing crown moulding around the room. After a couple trips back and forth to Home Depot, he's settled on panels for the wainscotting. You can see from these photos that the original trim is pine. It's in great condition from when the home was originally built but just a tad outdated and not our taste. So while I was out, he was able to start priming the trim with an oil primer, before he starts to paint it white. (The oil primer is exceptionally stinky!) During his next days off Paul will be painting the walls. I'm really excited to see how this is going to turn out! We'll finally have a baby nursery :) 

Here's my stats for the week.... (Yes I'm wearing a sequin top. What else does a pregnant lady wear/fit into to Lady Gaga's concert?? Lol)

How far along are you: 35 weeks. Almost there!!! Just finishing up my 8th month :)
Total weight gain/loss: oh man. I think I'm working my way into the early 180's. 
Maternity clothes: umm, I'm starting to find that my belly is out growing my large shirts! I'm trying to do throw backs to clothes that I haven't worn in ages to see if they fit. If they do, they're right for the job! 
Sleep: it's been a weird few nights. His little feet in my ribs make it difficult to lay in any position other than laying on my left side. I'm a toss and turner so I like variety. My baby love doesn't allow this to happen. This makes it hard to get comfy when I want to get back to sleep. 
Best moment of the week: starting to see progress on the nursery! But mainly feeling my squirmy worm in my belly. Long gone are the days of kicks, and now I only feel him wiggle and squirm. It's crazy to feel his entire body move in my belly! 
Food cravings: oh just about anything yummy. One day hotdogs, next is ice cream and before you know it's slurpees! 
Missing anything: my normal body. I'm morphing into something I can't recognize any more :( 
Symptoms: I thought I was in the clear. I really did! But it happened. I officially have swollen feet. I was at work when I flexed my feet and felt immediate tightness. I looked down and to my surprise, THEY WERE HUGE! Where did these come from!? Ugh. I was so embarrassed to see that it's finally caught up with me. I iced them in the evening, downed some water and elevated them above my hips like they recommend. But it's no use. They're here to stay. Tingly like pins and needles. Add this to all the recent symptoms I'm accumulating and I'm a hot mess. Oh baby, look what mama is doing for you! Hahaha 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Week 34

Happy Canada Day!!!!

Today is our beautiful country's birthday. It's such a great day to be a Canadian and see how proud everyone around you is excited to be a Canadian as well. I love seeing the Canadian flags attached to passing cars, the memorabilia people are seen wearing and not to mention all the Canadian beer/booze that is drank on this day!! But I have to be honest. I haven't been one to celebrate this holiday religiously. Being a shift worker for the past 7 years has put a dent on celebrating holidays ON the actual day itself. This year I'm off, but extremely pregnant so no partying is happening for this year's Canada Day. (excuses excuses) So I waddled to Old Navy and purchased a Canadian tank that would fit me and the nugget, to show our pride this year. That's not too shabby eh?

Today also marks 30 days I have left to wear my braces (thank friggin goodness!!!) and even better is the countdown of 40 days until our baby boy's due date!! Woo!

Now that we are in our family home and this is the place where we FINALLY can start doing the baby's nursery, I've been excited to get moving on the decor of his room. It really didn't make too much sense to start buying things when we were at the old house, only to have to move all the things into this place. On the second day we got in here, Paul was ready to start renovating the master bedroom and wanted to get the colours chosen for when he's ready to paint. When we were at Benjamin Moore, we chose our master bedroom colours and while we were there I mentioned that we should look at nursery colours. We both are on the same page as how we vision our nugget's room to look, so when I came across this dreamy "gossamer blue", he agreed that was the colour to get. With that colour chosen, I was ready to head down to Ottawa Street and pick out fabrics for his crib bedding. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into the textile stores and browsed the fabrics, taking pictures for ideas on what to use for his bedding. I'm not sure why I couldn't commit to a fabric without having to visit the stores THAT many times. But now that I'm running out of time ready to get started, I made the decision. I'm only making the crib skirt and fitted sheet first because they seem to be good to start with. Here's my selection of what I chose. Please send me some good vibes that it turns out!

Here's my stats for the week....

How far along are you: 34 weeks (that's a month and a half left!!!)
Total weight gain/loss: I'll keep this one open as I still have an appointment on Thursday with the maternity centre, and I like to be surprised. Not.
Maternity Clothes: purchased 2 tanks from Old Navy this week in Large sizes that they had on special for $4. I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any more clothes to fit the growing bump with my limited time left but at $4 a pop I couldn't refuse as I'm running out of shirts that cover the bottom of my belly. LOL
Sleep: Since we've moved into our new home, Paul has been exceptionally busy working on our master bedroom to have it be the first room finished for us. (You'd think it might be the nursery but since the baby will be sleeping in our room in the bassinet for the first few months of his life, that master bedroom will most likely be the room of choice that we'll be in most of the sleeping time. And you can't put a time frame on when that would have been done once the baby arrives) Having said that, we've been having sleep overs on the couch in the family room while the painting is completed. Couch sleeping isn't that awful when you're pregnant either! I'm propped up like I was in bed with lots of pillows and I have the back of the couch to keep me from rolling onto my back during my sleep. Highly recommended for those preggos who are having a hard time sleeping in their bed.
Best Moment of the week: still being able to work out at the gym while being THIS BIG! I went to a new gym this week and it was funny seeing the looks I was getting from people watching me work out with my big belly. I only go 3 times a week, but it's still something I'm really happy that I kept up with. Let's hope it pays off post pregnancy. One can only dream!
Food Cravings: pancakes. Mmmmmmm
Missing anything: as the summer has come, along comes the cravings for a nice cold beer on these hot days. Any time Paul and I are out for dinner, I urge him to order one just so I can see someone enjoy it! Gah I wish it was me though :)
Symptoms: I had a brutal Braxton Hicks contraction last night. We were leaving our last prenatal class and Paul wanted to head to Home Depot. I was starting to experience some lower back pain and mentioned that I'd rather just go home. But since we were passing it on the way home, I pulled into the lot and told him that I'd just wait in the car. During the 35 minutes that I waited in there, the pain in my back got stronger, I started to get cramps in my lower abs and then the baby starting hiccuping adding to it all. It got pretty bad that I started worrying what this was. I turned to trusty Dr Google to find out what Braxton Hicks contractions feels like. Mostly every symptom they mentioned, I was experiencing. It also said that if I could get up, walk and move into another position and the pain starts to slow down, then it's just Braxton Hicks and not REAL labour. So I got out of the car, paced around, then leaned on the open door frame, while shifting my hips back and forth. After a couple minutes I started to feel better. Wooooo. That was brutal Can't wait for real labour. Insert eye roll here.

This is my usual hair do these days. It's so friggin hot that I can't be bothered to blow dry it. 

I have to add one of the out takes of our progress pictures to show off my patriotic shirt that fits!!!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Week 33

We did it! We've finally moved into our new home! The move didn't go as bad as I was expecting. I'm not too sure what I was expecting but I was nervous for the day itself.

We've been anticipating this move for the last 3 months. When we first saw this home we both fell in love with it. It was everything that we were looking for with potential to update what wasn't in the home already. The plan is for this to be our forever home. It's absolutely amazing! So we had a lot of expectations riding on getting into this home, which made me nervous that something could come up and halt our transition. Are the movers going to show up? Is everything packed? Will we get the keys on time? Will we even get the keys? Is everything working alright in the new home? I know these are all silly things, but who knows what could have come up.

I thought that I was going to be a bit of an emotional mess leaving my first home behind. I think that the odds were in my favour because I actually didn't get a chance to stand around and get sentimental. The movers showed up 45 minutes late and without the 26 foot truck that we had agreed upon. Instead they bought a 17 foot truck and a cargo van, along with an 4th moving guy. Ummmm, that's lovely that you've brought an extra person for the move to help this go quicker but we had a price agreement, buddy. (For those who don't know, I'm somewhat thrifty. Paul likes to blame it on the fact that I'm Scottish. Whatever it is. I don't like to over pay for anything if I don't have to) Before I went all "pregnant lady" on this guy, I asked Paul to please confirm the cost that we had originally agreed to. Price was confirmed and they began moving. 

The boss of the 4 man crew told me that he'd like to drop off the first cargo van load down at the new house. There was only one problem. We haven't heard from our lawyer about picking up the house keys yet. Boss moving man suggested he just leave the first load in the driveway. Oh really? I don't like leaving my sunglasses in my locked car over night and you want to leave a LOAD of my personal belongings in a driveway to a home we can't even get into yet? Fine. I'll go down and guard that load. Let's go. So there I was in all my pregnant hormone glory, sitting in my car, waiting for a call from the lawyer, praying that the skies don't come pouring rain down on me (it was very overcast at this point with a 50% chance of rain) while trying to get any service on my phone to entertain myself. It was during this point that my bestie Cathie text messaged me to find out how the move is going. Oh poor thing didn't know the rage that was about to show up from my responding text. After sitting on the porch texting with her for 30 minutes, I see her pull into the driveway. She gets out, smiling, holding 2 cups of gelato and a bag of chocolate. What a gal!!! She really lifted my mood by just showing up. The goodies were a bonus! Side note: Cathie likes to celebrate with chocolate from "Monks Chocolate" in Grimsby. (Did I mention she's my best friend? Hahaha) When she stopped there for some goodies, she inquired about getting a chocolate shaped Key. Ironic enough, they didn't have any keys that day. LOL I had to laugh at that! 

Shortly after we polished off those gelatos, the guys came down with the first load on the truck, but we still didn't have the keys!!!! After waiting close to 30 minutes, I got the word that they keys were in the lawyers hand, money transfer was done and the keys are available for pick up. START THE CAR!!!! Luckily for us, the lawyer is honestly 8 blocks away from our new house so I was there stat! After I arrived back, I was in all my glory. I got to show our friends who showed up the tour of the new home, while the movers got everything into the house. And I didn't feel bad about not helping! Yay! 

Overall, the move went well and I have to give a lot, if not all of the credit to Paul. He did SO MUCH that entire day. I really wished that I could have helped out more. Moving while being 8 1/2 months pregnant definitely doesn't allow you to help much. He's such a rock. He even let me bitch when I needed to and he didn't complain. Gosh I love him.

Now that we're in the house, I can't wait to get back to making more stuff for the baby's room! I've been pinning like crazy so be prepared to be overloaded on hand made projects that I'll be doing next week:)

Here's my stats for the week.....

How far along are you: 33 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: I'd say I'm up 36 pounds by now. 
Maternity clothes: Since I've packed all my things up, I kept a few pieces of large comfy clothes out for the day of the move and the days following. Needless to say I've been sporting the bummy look over the past few days. (See weekly photo for proof) 
Sleep: I've been getting really stuffed up during my sleep at night. It's annoying when I can't breathe because of the giant baby growing in me pressing up against my diaphragm, let alone waking up to blow my nose a few (hundred) times throughout the night. (on top of the usual bathroom breaks I'm already up for)
Best Moment of the week: Since my little nugget has been staying in the vertex position (head down), his little feet have been positioned on my left side. If I rest my arm on that side of my stomach and I can feel his legs move and press up against my stomach. It's amazing!! Not so amazing when he's moving his legs to play my ribs like a xylophone. 
Food Cravings: I got my braces tightened for the SECOND LAST time this week so my food choices had to revolve around anything soft to chew. Ice cream is always good in times of need. 
Wedding rings on/off: I haven't taken them off recently. So they will stay on unless my fingers start turning purple. 
Symptoms: During the evening of the move, I started feeling sore. Down there. As if I had done a bunch of goblet squats the day before. I did do them a few days prior, but this soreness would have come and gone already. I started wondering if I did too much during the move? Well I felt this pain the next day and the day after that. The only way I can describe this feeling was as if I was punched in the crotch or I had sex non stop for the past week. Since neither one of those things have happened, I wondered what the heck is going on? Google to the rescue!! Here's where I'd like to ask where's all my former pregnant ladies at? How come NONE of you warned me about sore vagina? I knew it would happen AFTER I gave birth, but before? From what I've read so far- the baby is getting into position, applying pressure down there and since I'm far along in my pregnancy it's apparently perfectly normal. Awesome. Sore crotch syndrome. 
(here's a link of one of the 5 sites I read about it: link to sore crotch during pregnancy )
Moods: I'm all over the place. I'm large and in charge just stay out of my way. 

This was taken last Saturday when a bunch of us all went out for dinner, for the last time before Carrie's baby is born. She's due July 3rd (5 weeks before me) and she's ready to go! Now we just need that little one to be ready to1eave!

Here was a view of how my living room looked for the last week or so at the old place. I hated having to dodge around all these boxes. I had to start packing earlier on in the month because of how tired I would get in between packing up each box and having to take breaks. 

In between one of those packing breaks, I was invited by my long term friend Pat- who will be shortly known as Uncle Pat- for a little dip in his pool. Best packing break ever! Here's me and the nugget taking our first dip together :)

After moving into the new place, I got a chance to check out all the things that make this house incredibly cool. Every time I see these 4 items, I giggle. Starting top left going clockwise: our rose coloured jacuzzi in our master bathroom, 6 foot chandelier that hangs in the front hallway, bidet in the ensuite bathroom and the 1980's intercom that can be found in every room of the house and patio. LOL

I know this isn't the most glamourous photo of me, but isn't that what pregnancy does to a woman? Since all my clothes are still in boxes, I've just been pulling clothing items out and wearing them as long as they fit. This used to be a shirt I would wear over my bathing suit. Now this just barely reaches the end of my belly, which means it fits! (for now) Here's me, looking like an Easter Egg after the move.

Paul's going to be taking many trips to Home Depot in the next little while, trying to get the house up to our standard. He never minds when I tag along because we always get the VIP pregnant lady spots right at the front of the store due to my every growing belly.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Week 32

I started this post earlier on in the week and realized that I should just wait until the end of the week because I'll have nothing to record on what happened during my 32nd week of being pregnant. Duh. I'll blame the pregnancy brain.

This week started out by celebrating my dad on Father's Day! Since Paul and I will be moving next week, we didn't suggest everyone to come over to our house for the festivities because our house is starting to look like a warehouse with all the boxes stacked up everywhere. Instead we spent the day at my dad's house and had dinner there. For his father's day gift I had a family photo from my wedding and had it enlarged and framed to hang in his living room. How could I pass up that opportunity to get that done? I told him to be prepared for next year as most of his gifts will have baby hand prints on them. Awww.

After our dinner, my dad wanted to celebrate the fact that Paul will be a dad soon, so my dad passed out cigars to the boys (Kelsey opted out) to go along with their beers. Before they lit them I had to get them in on a Father's day progress shot. After all, I have to celebrate the (soon to be) dads in my life!

Paul and I attended our weekly prenatal class. This was the second part to the series of breast feeding classes. At the beginning of the class, the instructor asked the dad's to pick up the dolls she passed out and to have them replicate the types of breastfeeding holds that we went over last week. I loved this part! Of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get a photo of Paul pretending to breast feed the dolly, but I will spare him embarrassment of showing it. He did great with remembering the holds and the different positions when burping babies. Here's one of him burping our "baby".

I also had 4 appointments for my little babe. The first one was on Tuesday at St Joe's for an ultrasound to check on the size he's growing in my uterus and which position he's laying. Paul was back to work at this point so I got to bring my bestie Cathie with me! At this appointment the technician asked me if anyone had ever mentioned the size of the baby's head. Up until now they always said that he measured normally. So apparently his head is getting a bit bigger. Gah. He's obviously taking after his dad. Thanks Paul. Hahaha. Let's hope he doesn't come out looking like a bobble head. Heck! Let's hope that I can get him out with that bobble head! But the greatest news out of that appointment was that Baby Koz is finally head down!!! All my baby flipping techniques have worked! Now I just need to make sure he stays there. No flipping back, baby!

Now that he's getting so large and squished in there it's almost impossible to get a full photo of the baby's body. So here's a shot the technician was able to quickly get before be wiggled around again of his cute little profile. 

The next day I had an appointment with my family Doctor and then one with the maternity centre. I know what you're thinking.... why on the same day? It's just the way it worked out and I didn't care to change it. So my doctor was happy with the weight I was gaining (never would I ever think to hear someone say that!) and then I heard the same thing from the doctor at the maternity centre. She even said she thought that I was under weight- pre pregnancy. LOL. As long as they don't have a problem with it, I'm doing fine!

Finally my week of appointments concluded with my long awaited referral to the OB at St Joes because of my bicornate uterus. This appointment was fairly quick as they didn't find a need for me to be under the care of this OB. They reviewed my results from the ultrasound and said that because baby was turning they didn't see a problem with me delivering normally. It's known that babies in a bicornate uterus, they get stuck into a certain position and usually it's not head down where they will usually have to be taken out via C Section. This made me so happy! Baby is head down so all is good! We did go over the chances that I may go into early labour because of this condition, but to just look out for warning signs and come right to get checked. Fingers cross that all turns out well :)

And here are my stats for the week........... (no their cigars aren't lit yet)

How far along are you: 32 weeks! That means I officially have 2 months left! Wooooo!
Total weight loss/gain: At all 3 of my doctor appointments this week I was weighed. All of the results were the same and I've gained 35 pounds so far. Holy crap. Where's my moomoo?
Maternity Clothes: Eff pants. I don't want to even bother wearing them any more.
Sleep: I'm still elevated on my plethora of pillows. This helped A LOT when I was going through a wicked night of allergy attacks. My nose was the most abused victim in that circumstance. The only thing I could do at that point was use the Neti Pot. Brutal.
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing my little baby on the big screen, hearing his heart beat 3 times and knowing that he's head down!!!!! Yay!
Food Cravings: Anything. Put food in front of me and watch it magically disappear!
Wedding rings on/off: On
Symptoms: I'm a stove. I'm warm all the time and I would prefer to sleep with my house temperature set like what you would set your fridge at.
Moods: For some reason I was feeling very worried this week. Worried over anything. Maybe it's a combination of all these appointments and packing up my house to move. I'm not feeling very settled. I'd like to relax now. And have a beer. 2 months to go!

Here's some pics that we were able to get of Father's day!
Rob didn't exclude the pregnant lady in his cocktail making. Here he is making a mocktail for moi!

 My dad had marinated some jerk chicken over night. It was amazing!

 There was so many out takes of this progress shot since it was my dad's first one. He kept leaning on me (he's heavy!!) and doing the thumbs up (why?) and I couldn't hold it together any more!!

The 3 main men in my life