Thursday, 20 February 2014

15 Weeks!

I know I'm just new to this pregnancy thing, but I absolutely love it! I am loving every part about being pregnant so far. (please check back in with me in 20 more weeks to see how I'm feeling then. I can't promise miracles!) Every morning when I wake up, wait....I should say every 2-3 hours when I wake up to go to the bathroom throughout the night AND when I wake up in the morning, I hold my little bump and tell my babe I love them. It's my own way of hugging the little nugget in there:) I think about my babe all throughout the day, hoping he or she is comfy in there, what kind of movements they are doing while I can't even tell from out here, or how they are putting up with me moving around so much during my 5 (yes 5!) workouts that I squeezed in this week!!

I sent out our invites to our Gender Reveal party that we're having at the end of March. I'm absolutely so excited! We booked our ultrasound for March 24th and will be waiting to find out the results with our friends and family at the party 6 days later. Ahhhhhh 6 more weeks until we find out! I'm so uncertain what this little one is going to be at this point. Regardless it's going to be such a wonderful surprise.

I've been reading a ton of blogs and have read LOTS of lists of things NOT to say to a pregnant lady. Things on those lists include- WOW, you sure you're only carrying ONE baby? OR You're really huge now! For other fellow pregnant ladies or ladies who have been pregnant before, what are some really odd/stupid/weird/irritating comments that you pregnant ladies received, or heard others receive? I'd love to hear some! .

Here are my stats for the week.....

How far along: 15 weeks! (second trimester)
Total weight gain/loss: I'm wondering that myself. I'll have to say I've gained some weight since my last weigh in, but I'll just wait for the official amount once I see my doctor next Thursday. So for now we'll go with 10 pounds.
Maternity Clothes: in all my photos I've taken so far I have been in my tights. Today I actually got to wear my maternity jeans. Woo Hoo! No muffin top! These things are great :)
Stretch Marks: NO
Sleep: I can fall asleep pretty quickly. As soon as my head hits that pillow, I'm out like a light. However, it doesn't last. I'm experiencing pregnancy bladder syndrome, which used to be known to me as tiny bladder syndrome. It's rough getting up so often to go to the bathroom, however with my wonderful sleeping skills I've been able to fall asleep almost before I get back into my bed.
Best Moments of the week: sending out our Gender Reveal invites!! Eeeeeek! So exciting :)
Food Cravings: For some reason Cinnabon has been taunting me all week. First when we were grocery shopping and I came across a loaf of bread by Cinnabon! Of course I had to try it. (For those interested, it was great!) Then a couple days later a co-worker brought in cinnamon buns. I held out from indulging, but then another co-worker had a cinnamon bun he bought from Tim Hortons. Are you serious? What's with all this cinnamon bun business? THEN I see a post on instagram of someone enjoying a Cinnabon. Oh frig, you've got to be kidding me. By this point, I couldn't ignore my fate. I NEEDED to have a Cinnabon. I have to say that it's been years since I've had one. So as soon as Paul and I got up today (after we watched the Canadian Women win a gold medal in Olympic Hockey, YAHOO!!) we headed straight to the mall to get one. While I was driving there, my loving husband had to look up the nutritional content of ONE regular sized Cinnabon on his cell phone. After sharing his knowledge I almost opened the door and kicked him out. I'm not going to lie. I though about leaving him at the side of the Linc. I didn't of course. He was the one that said he would pay for the Cinnabons :)
Have you started showing yet: I'm close to baby bumpin! I do a little self test where I see if I can still suck in. Well I can, so I don't think I have an official bump yet.
Symptoms: not really anything out of the ordinary. I'm still getting some good bloating periods in the evening. Ya, great mental picture right? Tell me about it.
Moods: happy or annoyed. Guess that's pretty normal for me. Haha