Wednesday, 5 March 2014

17 Weeks!!

There's nothing like being in love. It's even more amazing when you see the person you love, do something that makes you love them more.

As Paul and I were headed out to look at baby furniture (for the first time!) we left at 4pm and encountered the typical rush hour traffic. Instead of taking the highway and battling the regular commuters, we decided to take the service road to the furniture store. As we approached an intersection a couple blocks away from our destination, we noticed it was backed up and moving slower than usual. As we got to the intersection, we noticed that there was a van in the turning lane that was stopped and a little car beside it. As we started moving beside these vehicles, the driver to of the car was at the drivers side van door. 

Paul pulled over and parked our car up on the sidewalk, walking over to the van because it looked like they needed help. During this time the light turned green, cars started to drive past and I couldn't see what was happening. When there was a clearance, I couldn't see Paul or the driver from the van any longer, I could only see that person from the car was still on the phone with 9-1-1. 

A short minute later the ambulance pulled up. As I tried to watch what was happening, I see the ambulance crew put the driver from the van up onto their stretcher and I see Paul doing chest compressions on the van driver. Oh! So that was what he was doing when he was out of site! He hopped in the ambulance and kept doing them until the ambulance crew could take over before they left the scene. 

 During this time police and fire started pulling up to the intersection. After Paul spoke with the officers who arrived on scene, he got back into our car. He told me that when he went over to the driver in the van the driver was slumped over, turning purple and not breathing. He said he pulled the driver out of the drivers seat and onto the ground to start doing the chest compressions as help was on the way. Needless to say I was so proud of him! It didn't take him long to see that these people needed help and he jumped to assist. 
(Side note: we were updated later on that the man was in the hospital in stable condition) 

Have you ever seen your partner do something that made you so proud? I'd love to hear some! 

Now onto my stats for the week....

How far along are you: 17 weeks and into my 5th month! 
Total weight gain/loss: 12 pounds 
Maternity clothes: thrifty me went venturing out to value village the other day and scored myself some maternity work pants for $7.99. They were originally from Thyme Maternity and fit me when I tried them on. Done deal! I'm sick of wearing tights to work all the time! The next day Motherhood maternity had buy one get one free online. So I bought some key pieces from there too. Figured I might as well, seeing that I'm going to be pregnant more than once in this life! LOL
Sleep: I'm still sleeping like a champ. I hope this keeps up until the very end. Here's hoping! 
Best moments of the week: putting in my papers at work to officially book my maternity leave! 
Good cravings: apparently it's been of a Mexican authenticity lately. Fajitas, tacos.... Gimme gimme! 
Wedding rings on/off: they're on! 
Symptoms: I've had some cramping in my uterus. I know it's just making some room for the babe! 
Moods: happy!