Sunday, 9 March 2014

18 Weeks!!

I just came back from the sweetest baby shower in honour of my good friend Tarah and her baby to be! It was held by her friend Laura, who was the ultimate baby shower host! Laure had sent out these cute little invites that I received a month ago, which little did I know, would outline the sweetest baby shower! We drank out of glass baby bottles with the tops removed with paper straws, adorable brownies shaped as baby building blocks for dessert, pictures of Tarah and her husband's face for the guests to "create" what they think the baby could look like using the features in the photos, sugar cookies in the shapes of baby onesies where we could decorate them with icing, advice Mad Libs for the parents to be (my favourite as I did this for my bridal shower!) and a game to guess the size of Tarah's baby bump. (Ya, I won that one!) Here's some photos of the lovely afternoon....

This week I got my creative edge flowing. I took an intro sewing class to learn the basics of how to thread a sewing machine and how to cut out a pattern and sew a pillow. Don't laugh but I had no idea how to do it! Now I feel a little better knowing how to use a sewing machine, so I'll be looking forward to making stuff for my bebe and HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!! hahaha just over 7 months until Halloween. Just saying :). 

My handmade pillow! 

I also completed a baby blanket for my gal pal Tarah's wee one with a matching bunny hat to wear when it's finally here, since it'll be born before Easter. After seeing the finished project, I felt a need to keep making more. I'm trying a new chevron pattern that I've just learned. Fingers crossed that it works out. I've had to take out a few hours of work that I've done already because of my indecisiveness on the colour pattern. But I can't wait to see how this one turns out!

Here's my bump photo bombing my last crochet creation! 

We also bought our baby's crib this week. Paul had sent me photos on my phone of the crib that he liked. I was just melting from the idea of him looking at baby cribs and picking them out on his own. Ahhhh so sweet :) We agreed on the same one and decided to go ahead and get it! It's paid for, ordered and will be coming in 8-9 weeks. We've been slowly starting to clear out the spare room from my wedding stuff/ Halloween costumes to turn the room into a nursery.  Only 3 more weeks until we find out which gender baby Koz will be so we can start decorating! 

Here's the bed our little love will lay their head. 

And here are my stats for the week!

How far along are you: 18 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I'd like to say I'm still 12 pounds up. I haven't weighed myself this week. LOL I'm scared of that scale nowadays.
Maternity clothes: I got one of the shirts from my Motherhood Maternity order in the mail this week. I'm actually wearing it in my 18 week photo. Nothing glamourous but I really like the gathered sides on these maternity shirts because they look better than just buying bigger clothes. The rest of my order should be here soon!
Sleep: I really don't want to jinx myself, but again sleep has been awesome for me. (ya, I get up to use the bathroom awesome but that's nothing new) Every time it's time to sleep it takes me between 10-15 minutes to get off to dream land. I'm still dreaming up a storm. I dreamt that I was in Vegas with my Nana in a souvenir shop looking at dancing toys. Some of these dreams are so stupid! Hahaha
Best moments of the week: feeling my little darling move around doing summersaults and the womb. Greatest feelings!
Food Cravings: Paul and I went to the movies yesterday. Once it was decided that we were going to go, I had my sights set on movie theatre popcorn with butter. I must have mentioned it 10 times before we got to the theatres and then sat and ate most the bag we tried to share while watching the movie. It was glorious.
Wedding ring on/off: on!
Symptoms: I had a headache last week for no reason, and lovely bloating during some of the evenings. But so far 2nd trimester has been great to me.
Moods: pretty content this week. I enjoy my days off with my husband and seeing my friends... I just hope I get more of those great days with them next week!