Monday, 17 March 2014

19 Weeks!

Happy St Patricks Day!! Usually this weekend consists of me being decked out in St Patrick's day attire and drinking green beer (don't forget eating pub fare as well) with my friends. This year I'm off of work for the "holiday" however it's going to be fairly different. And by different, that means not getting merry off green beer. So what's a pregnant girl to do? Get a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds of course! I haven't had one of those shakes in years. Drinking it definitely made me feel nostalgic, but I was feeling like a little piggy and bought a medium. It's McDonald's so any size is pretty big, so needless to say that I had got milkshake drunk. Hahaha! 

This week Paul and I also got to book our babymoon trip. We've been discussing going on a trip before the baby arrives ever since we found out that we were expecting. We both agreed that we wanted a luxury trip full of sun, food, sand, ocean, pools, and RELAXATION. Nothing but laying around and enjoying each other's company while we still can do it :) Paul found this highly rated resort in the Mayan Rivera in Mexico where we couldn't be more excited to spend a week in! Ahhhhhh few more weeks!

Speaking of a few more weeks..... our gender reveal will be in less than 2 weeks! We're so stoked!

 Without further adieu, here are my stats for the week!!

How far along are you: 19 weeks. Almost half way there!
Total weight gain/loss: I got the confidence to stand on my home scale this week. I'm not sure if it's EXACTLY reading correct, but it did read that I am 13 pounds more. So I guess it might be. Eeeeee
Maternity clothes: I got the rest of my Motherhood Maternity order this week. Some of the stuff I ordered is awesome. a couple of the sweaters i got just look like extra large sizes. I think that I'll be returning those because nothing about them says maternity except the stupid tags. 
Sleep: I may have jinxed myself from last week because there's been a few times this week where I've had a hard time falling asleep. Once I do get to sleep and I turn in my sleep, I've been waking up on my back. Once I do wake up on my back, all I feel is pressure on my bladder and I "gotta go". Thanks baby.... 
Best moments of the week: having our babymoon trip booked! Can't wait to spend quality time with my hubby because we haven't had hardly any time together these past few weeks. 
Food Cravings: I always joke around at work about ice cream sandwiches. I think that ice cream will be a part of my life for the next few months. But it's official, if it's going to be an ice cream sandwich it HAS to be the President's Choice Decadent Cookies Ice Cream sandwich. All others are bogus. 
My brother had me and my sisters over at his house earlier this week. He made this wicked 3 cheese dip with naan bread. Rob if you're reading this, I'd like some more of that dip please.
Wedding rings on/off: on! 
Symptoms: I've been feeling this intense pain in my abdomen from my uterus stretching. Go figure that I had those feelings all while at work. I trooped through them, but I would much have rather been at home laying down. Frig, those pains had me thinking that I'm growing a giant in there! (Please don't be a baby giant)
Moods: Meh. Those pains I told you about made me, not too happy and I was grumpy about having to work through them. I'm on days off right now and feel awesome (go figure) so I'm great now!