Monday, 7 April 2014

21 Weeks- We are having a.....

What a great week we've had! Paul and I are in for some big changes really soon!

Last week I left off with mentioning that I had my anatomy ultrasound scheduled for last Monday. I was kind of nervous for this one. It's not like you have appointments like this everyday, so I'm thinking that's where my nerves came into play. Who knows what I was in for? I drank my one litre of water before my appointment and it wasn't like the last time when I had to drink water for my 12 week ultrasound. Being further along in my pregnancy, didn't help my bladder to hold the water longer. I honestly thought that my eyeballs were going to start floating around in my head from water over load. I have some pretty sweet gal pals who contacted me about this second ultrasound and gave me the heads up about it. (I'll let you know that you girls were right!) The technician saw that I had more than a full bladder and she let me empty it. THANK GOODNESS! 

Me looking extremely happy after reliving myself for the second time in the washroom, and about to find out the sex of that little babe in my belly!!

Once she started on the measurements, I had told her that we wanted to find out the sex of our baby today, just not by a verbal confirmation. We wanted her to write it down to take with us to our cake baker/decorator to make us a gender reveal cake for the party that we were throwing for our close friends and family to share the results with. Then she told me that she wasn't able to do that. Whaaaaat?! But our party! But our cake! But I want to be surprised too!!!! She went on to say that because of legalities, they have a policy that says they are able to tell us verbally and show us on the screen, where we can agree with what she's showing us. Once it's written down, then it becomes more of a discrepancy as there isn't any proof behind the results that are written. (I know what some of you may be thinking. Don't worry I thought that too) When she let me relieve my bladder for a SECOND time, she went to check with the radiologist to see if the sex results are then placed in the results of the ultrasound that's sent to my doctor. Maybe my doctor will be able to write it down for me during my appointment with her? Well that was a huge NO as well. They don't even include the sex of the baby in the results as it's not a medical issue. Soooooo we had the option of either being told verbally and shown what she's seeing between our baby's legs, or we wait until the sweet bitter end. 

When the technician went out to get Paul from the waiting room, we let him know of our realization about how we are going to get our results. Instantly he says "You can tell me!" Hahaha, nice try Paul. We're both going to find out. That's when we brought our attention back to the screen and she showed us our little sweetheart bouncing around my belly like a rubber room. She got a good angle between the legs and it was WITHOUT a doubt that I was carrying our SON. IT'S A BOY!!!! We looked at each other and I squealed like I normally do when I'm excited and then Paul staying calm squeezed my legs and smiling like crazy, showing his excitement. Following that appointment we went straight to Target and beelined it to the baby boy section to look at all the cute BOY clothes. Ahhhhhh! Now we had to keep this a secret until our reveal!

To see the results of when we cut the cake.... watch it here Baby Koz Gender Reveal !!

Here's some of the shots the ultrasound technician was able to capture before our baby squirmed into another position! 
Here's a great shot of our little sweetheart from the side. Note the nice round head! (He might not take after Paul's head after all!)
The cute little foot that's been kicking me 

Another photo proof that my baby is dancing up a storm in my belly. 
Here's his whole arm while he's been fist pumping.

And to finish off our ultrasound a little wave goodbye to us! Bye mom and dad!!

Then later on in the week, we bought a house! We've been looking for our perfect home for the last 2 1/2 years. I've always loved our wee town home as it was my first home that I bought all by myself. Built new and picked all the upgrades myself. I'm damn proud of this place! Once Paul moved in, my little pad started getting a little cramped. Once we started talking about having children, we realized that it will start getting a little more cramped with babies and their baby gear in here! After a couple let downs from houses we were about to purchase (new build) and a conditional offer that wasn't looked at because we didn't have our house listed yet, we had lit a fire under our asses!! Over the last year we've painted our home, built a deck in the back yard and my handy husband put in our living room hardwood floors, along with the back splash in the kitchen. Our house was really starting to come together! It's a good thing too, because our future family home was JUST about to be listed!

The home we bought was only on the market for one day before we put an offer in. I hadn't even seen the house in person, only in photos. But I told Paul that if it's as good as it is in the photos on line, just put in an offer! Needless to say, he did. They accepted our first offer and we have a new house!! Our house has a conditional offer on it, that hopefully will be firmed by the end of the week. Things are happening over here and we couldn't be happier :)

I can't forget the birth of my son's first friend!! My long time gal pal Tarah had her baby this week! (She was the cute pregnant lady I went to the sweet baby shower for a few weeks ago). They didn't know the sex of their baby so it was a beautiful surprise, IT'S A GIRL!! She named her Illiana Beatrice. She's every ounce of gorgeous and had already taken away the breath of so many people who love her so much. Welcome into the world sweet Illiana!! 

Meeting Illiana for the first time. She was less than 24 hours old!

Now for my stats of the week.....

(Excuse the picture. It was taken 2 hours before my baby belly turned 22 weeks. I told you it's been a busy week! Had to squeeze in this shot just in the nick of time! Also at 10pm at night)

How far along are you: 21 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: I'm in the "gain one pound a week" zone. Needless to say, I'm right on track. 15 pounds of pure bliss.
Maternity Clothes: I can't wait until it's summer. I bought some maxi skirts to wear on our baby moon, which will be such a break from wearing pants! C'mon good weather!
Sleep: I'm starting to get back on track. I love to go to bed at 10-11pm and I'm a (somewhat) early riser now getting up at 8! I do sleep well so those are solid hours of great sandman time.
Best Moment of the week: To find out that my mumma intuition was right and I'm carrying a little boy. My heart couldn't be more full than it is right now :)
Food Cravings: During the gender reveal I made some good ol' comfort food. Loaded Baked potato salad, Mac n'Cheese, perogies with onion and bacon, breaded chicken breast on a stick, salad, nachos and buffalo chicken dip! Oh not to mention our reveal cake!! We had so many left overs that I continued to eat it throughout the rest of the week. Poor me. Hahaha!
Wedding rings off/on: On
Symptoms: I'm still suffering from a sore lower back during my work shifts. It feels like someone is driving in 2 needles in my lower back constantly. Fun.
Moods: This week I was on cloud 9!!

I'll leave you with some snaps that I took to document the planning of our little gender reveal party for Baby Koz.
Bulk Barn candy is always a must for every party. I wanted to get some blue and pink Jelly Bellies, sour gummies and a bag of chocolate covered almonds (to represent the BOY side) and a bag of chocolate covered raisins (to represent the GIRL side).

Kelsey and I hard at work tracing the flags to make the BOY or GIRL banner

The infamous BOY or GIRL banner (I had no printer ink so hand written it was!)

The chocolate covered raisins and almonds in their designated spots!

My gorgeous reveal cake made by Jodie from Sugar Tales

I was really looking forward to setting this up. I love how it turned out!

My dad is definitely starting a trend. First he made a shirt for my wedding as the Father of the Bride. Now he's made a shirt for the reveal! The front reads "It's a Boy....It's a Girl"

The back has a cute picture of the baby's ultrasound, reading BABY KOZ- Arriving August 2014

My gal Cathie who was super shocked I kept the secret of the sex for the whole week before the party! I had to! I'm horrible at lying so I couldn't even tell you I knew!

The happy parents who were dressed in pink and blue

The BLUE slice!

His GrandSON!!

Results are in, Blue + Nuts = BOY!!