Saturday, 3 May 2014

Week 25

My 25th week started off with a lovely baby shower welcoming one of my long time friend and her first baby, Illiana. It was a great afternoon making silly faces at the baby, holding her and catching up with the other gals. It's crazy to think that she's officially a month old now!

Paul and I got to finish our registry at Babies R Us. It was funny going through all the items that are must haves on our list and the opinion that we each had on what we wanted. Super cute when you see the man you love start holding baby items and picturing our little nugget in his arms. It's surreal that it's finally happening for us! I did find that prices of some of these things could be compared to stores like Walmart or Target and it would probably be $20 cheaper! I guess it's because Babies R Us doesn't have too many stores to compete with for baby registries.

My darling sister Kelsey and bestie Cathie have teamed up and are planning my baby shower together. I gave them 7 weekends of dates that could work, and between the 3 of us only ONE day works! #shiftworkerlife Glad at least one does LOL! I've tried several times to help but they keep telling me to "knock it off". When I ask one of them if they need something she'll say no. Then I'll get a text momentarily from the other, backing the other one up telling me to stop butting in. Haha.... ok so I guess I can't help! I'm so excited to see what they have up their sleeves!!

I also went to my OB appointment this week and found out that the results from my glucose test was clear. No Gestational Diabetes! Woooo hoooo.... I celebrated that night......with ice cream of course.

Here are my stats for the week....

How far along are you: 25 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I went to the Maternity Centre today and I weigh 1 pound less than I did last week. I guess my body is getting back to normal eating after my Mexican Fiesta! I hope I can just coast and maintain through this month :)
Maternity Clothes: Because Spring hasn't really shown up lately, I'm still wearing jackets. I've officially hung up my winter coats and they are NOT coming back out until winter! But that means with my spring jackets (denim etc) I can't do them up! LOL
Sleep: I've started stacking up my pillows so I'm now sleeping on an incline with a pillow between my knees and my belly propped up. It's a good thing we sleep on a king or we'd be a tad uncomfy!
Best Moment of the Week: Hearing my little baby's heart beat. I know I hear it during every appointment I have, but for some reason this week his heart beat took my breath away. I got a little glossy eyed thinking about that boy I'm growing and how he's getting bigger and stronger for the day that we finally get to meet. There's only 15 more weeks and I absolutely can't wait! Also feeling my little guy nuzzle into my right side, where the OB has told me he is bum up to my rib cage. Lol cutie. 
Food Cravings: My body has been craving vegetables. Mostly in a salad. I think that it's telling me that I'm not getting enough. So I've (almost) been having a salad a day. My newest fav is kale, sliced brussel spouts, broccoli, cabbage, dried cranberries and goat cheese. Mmmmmm
Wedding rings on/off: on
Belly Button: Still in!
Symptoms: This isn't so much of a symptom but I'm not sure where I'd put this little bit of info. I've been finding that my belly is officially getting in my way. I can't jump up from a laying position as quickly as I used to, I can't bend down unless I squat or make room for the belly to move with me, and I definitely can't put my legs up on the counter to put on lotion after my shower as easy as I used to. It's like tying my running shoes...... it takes coordination! If I ever forget that I can't do something because of the belly, my belly will always remind me now.
Moods: Pretty content. Paul's been sick this week with a stuffy head cold and sore throat so I've been (somewhat) staying away from him. No kisses or cuddles so that means no "bundle of hormones" this week.