Saturday, 17 May 2014

Week 27

I spent the beginning week laying low and trying to recoup from the sore throat/cold that I caught from the week before. I found myself with my feet up a lot, using the neti pot often and crocheting a ton. Rest really is the best medicine!

Once I got that out of my system, I needed to start getting back to being active again. Last year (when I was in the best shape of my life) I loved doing the escarpment stairs in Hamilton. This past weekend happened to be the Climb to Cancer, where every team that has raised money for cancer research is allotted an hour to climb as many sets of stairs that they can in that time frame. Every person has a counter they have attached to their shoe to count each stair they climb. I had a blast when I did this last year, as it was great to be challenged for such a great cause! This year I knew doing something like that in my "condition" would have been a bad idea, so I opted to skip out. I did get the urge to try and see how I do at my own pace though! So I headed out to the Kenilworth stairs to see how many sets that I could do before I gave up became uncomfortable. This lady at 27 weeks pregnant, managed to do 3 sets totalling 1161 stairs. Not too shabby! For the days following, I managed to convince Paul to come out with me and do a few sets. He's not a fan of cardio but I'll tell you that even this mama was able to keep up with him and then some!

I had an appointment at the Maternity Centre this week for a regular check in with the OB. Before I was pregnant my doctor discovered that I have a different shaped uterus, which is known as a Bicornuate uterus. This means that I have what they describe as a heart shape uterus where it's separated in the middle by a septum. This sort of condition can create issues with fertility and carrying the baby full term. The doctors who are looking after my pregnancy want me to go for regular ultrasounds to make sure that the baby's growth isn't being affected, and that he'll have room inside to grow (and move positions). A lot of the times when a woman has this condition, the baby will find itself staying in the breech position and a C-section would be needed to deliver. I was happy to find out that right now our little nugget was head down :) It's still fairly early and he has lots of time to move and be comfortable in there. They scheduled another ultrasound for over a week from now to see how things are going on the inside. Let's hope everything keeps going fairly smoothly!

At our second prenatal class, our instructor went through the different stages of labour. Early labour, active labour, Transition and Pushing. We got to watch a video of 2 couple's experience of the birth of their baby and what they went through, I can honestly say it still didn't worry me. I guess the excitement is still in full swing for me right now. That and for the simple fact that the baby has to come out no matter what! She asked if we had birth plans considered yet. Due to the fact that I'm not sure what could really happen, I don't want to get myself set on one expectation. Let's not kid around here.... I'd love to be able to deliver (with drugs) the way my body should, but you never now what that baby's plan is. I just want a healthy baby to come out in the end. I did have to laugh at the poster our instructor referred to for the stages of labour. I took a photo of it because it reminded me so much of the poster in the movie "What to Expect" Hahahahaha!!

I just love the faces of the lady on the right hand side!
(Sorry about the glare at the top.)

My sissy Kelsey also sent out the baby shower invites that she hand made! We loved the "About to POP" baby shower theme, so Kelsey came up with this image for the invites.

So cute!!

My stats for the week.....

Kelsey was visiting when we were planning to do our weekly photos so Paul got to get in on this one!
Look at that proud dad to be!

How far along are you: 27 weeks!
Total weight loss/gain: Dun dun dun..... I got weighed in at a whopping 168 pounds this week! I've officially gained 30 pounds. Whoa!
Maternity Clothes: Screw you maternity clothes! Spring is (somewhat) here and I'm wearing the flowing outfits that my body used to swim in last year, that I'm comfortably wearing now.
Sleep: I've managed to nap for a full hour on one of my 2 breaks at work. 12 hour shifts are not what they used to be!
Best Moment of the week: As I was trying to settle down in bed before my first day shift this week, I had my hand on my stomach while propped up by my 4 pillows. My little nugget was wriggling around and moving so much that I swear I could feel full body movements! I made me freak out and laugh so much. I couldn't believe what I was feeling. It's officially the coolest thing I've ever felt my body do.
Food Cravings: Nothing in particular this week. I've actually battled with myself and instead of heading out to pick up something that we don't have, I've settled for food we actually have. I amazed myself! LOL
Wedding rings on/off: on
Belly Button: it's flat during the day and almost sticking out in the evening.
Symptoms: I'm slowly starting to get more exhausted as the days go by. My second trimester is almost a thing of the past and this third trimester business is like the first but worse, I hear. I need moments in my day to relax with my feet up to make sure that I don't experience any back pains or swelling. So far so good.
Moods: Depends on the day.... usually just tired.
Sweet gestures: this is a new one I'd like to add to my stats. As the weeks have progressed I've found other experienced moms reaching out to me with their support and surprising me sweet gestures. This week was Mother's Day. Over the last decade or so it definitely hasn't been my favourite holiday, in fact I think I could skip that day by sleeping and it wouldn't have been missed. But now that I have an extended family it's taken on a better meaning. This year we went to my sister in laws to see Paul's side of the family. I was greeted with flowers as I'm going to be apart of this mommys club and they wanted to celebrate my (sort of) first Mother's Day. Cute! My sister in law Basia has a little boy who's going to be over a year and a half older than our nugget. Since her son is growing like a weed, she's given us a lot of his baby clothes. We are so grateful!!! Thank you sooooo much! 

When I went to work this week, I got a surprise in my locker from one of my gal pals who is on maternity leave. She must have come into work and left me this little gesture while I was off. I found a sweet note and some gifts she said that were meant to spoil me before the baby comes! Nothing like having some cool chicks in your life that give your heart a squeeze when you aren't expecting it. Thanks Gayn, I love your guts mama.