Thursday, 29 May 2014

Week 29

As I write this post, my husband Paul is outside in the driveway cleaning my car. I took a look out my bedroom window and saw him vacuuming the car floors. I wonder what it's like down there? I mean, I haven't been that close to the ground in months. It's a workout alone trying to bend over to shave my legs (and that is something I will never scrimp on. Smooth legs are a must for me), not to mention getting low to the ground to clean something. So for the next 10 weeks as I grow larger, I'd like to give a shout out to Paul thanking him for picking up the things that I have been dropping and will probably continue to keep dropping (accidentally of course) and to cleaning everything that's lower to the ground. I'll find out after 10 weeks if you actually did or not. Until then I'll stay up here :)

To kick off my 29th week, I brought Kelsey to my prenatal class as Paul couldn't make it due to work. This week's subject was "What you will experience during LABOUR". Dun dun dun! My instructor showed us a video of 2 couples and their journey while the mom was starting to go into active labour then into delivery, and what the partners role is during the process. I love these videos because they give me a good laugh at how broad these scenarios can be. One lady was calm and cool the entire process. During all her birthing positions that she had moved into, she decided that she wanted to deliver while she was on all 4's. Yes you read that right. She pushed that baby out while on her hands and knees on the bed. The baby came out and they passed the baby to her threw her legs while she was still in that position. I nearly died. She looked like a champion pusher just gettin' it done. No meds, no fuss, just warrior woman pushing out her child. No chance that will happen to me. 

My instructor asked the mommies in the class to go up to the board and grab a piece of paper to write down one or two of the points on the board that they would like to see happen at their delivery. They were;
-all natural
-maybe some drugs
-a bit of narcotics
-Epidural for sure
-anesthesia meet me at the door
I haven't had the opportunity to experience much physical pain in my life yet. I've had a sprained ankle and my wisdom teeth taken out but nothing that caused a shit load of pain. I actually never get the chance to even feel pain because my body shuts down. That's right, I'm a fainter. If I feel something that's going to make me feel uncomfortable like blood work or a tattoo, my body says "that's enough. Nighty night" and I'm out. So having said that, I'm not sure what's going to happen to me when I start going through the really difficult contractions. Will I even be awake for it? 

When I went up to the board, I wrote down "anesthesia meet me at the door". Don't knock me out completely, but just make sure that when I walk through that hospital door and I get settled in, that they administer drugs to me ASAP. Judge  me if  you want, but I have visions of me passing out, Paul dragging me through the hospital doors, and the hospital staff slapping me trying to get me to hold it together. LOL Ok I know they won't slap me, but if it comes to that, then do what you gotta do. 
**Side note: I had a dream a couple months ago that I woke up AFTER giving birth as I was passed out through the delivery. If only it was that easy eh?**

On Tuesday I got the 2nd best news of the summer. I will be getting my braces OFF July 31st!! After wearing my crazy set of 2-3 elastics at a time, getting a taste of freedom during my wedding by having them off for 2 weeks, then lots and lots of tightening, my orthodontist has promised me that as long as everything goes to plan and I continue wearing my elastics that I will get this grill off right in time for my baby to arrive. In the words of my dad "now your nugget won't be frightened" Yes dad. Let's hope it all works out in time.

Here are my stats for the week.....

How far along are you: 29 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: I'm not sure. I have avoided standing on the scale on my free time. I'll leave it up to the experts to bum me out with the news. I'll say 28 pounds still.... ok ok maybe 30!
Maternity Clothes: I've started going through my summer clothes and realized that I have a few shirts and bottoms that I used to bum around in last year that fit (snug!) this year. Hey... if it's going to get me by the next couple months I'm going to ride out this no summer maternity clothes pony.
Sleep: It's getting tougher to stay asleep. I've actually consciously stopped drinking a lot of fluids at night to try and curb my trips to the bathroom. So far it's not doing a damn thing.
Best moment of the week: As my nugget is getting bigger, these kicks are becoming more like slow movements. I'm feeling him shift around and snuzzle his body to get into comfier positions. I actually see his little body make new shapes with my belly. Oh little man you're making this momma so crazy with excitement!
Anything you miss: This is a new category that I thought I'd add now. As the weeks to the end are approaching and I've been pregnant for over 7 months, I'm starting to miss moments of my single body life. Today I had to prepare for my workout at the gym. I always planned out my workouts before going but now I have to figure out what routines I can do that my body will allow me to do. No more jumping, bending and touching the ground. Today I actually missed doing HIIT workouts. That and beer. 
Food Cravings: ice cream 
Wedding ring on/off: on
Belly button in/out: slightly out
Symptoms: Hello heartburn! I only got heartburn at the end of my night shifts. Gah
Moods: tired. Is that a mood? If not I'll say cranky because I'm tired.
Sweet Gestures: During my night shifts this week, my friend Chris brought in 2 different flavours of popcorn for us to snack on. Mmmmm I love popcorn and she remembered that I was craving it last week! Thanks girl!

Here's an example of my little baby's body getting all comfy on the right side. 
Craziest thing I've seen my stomach do yet!