Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Week 30

I have been looking forward to this week for sooooooo long. I'm officially on holidays from work for the entire month of June! I'm not very high on the senority list at work, so I took my holidays as close to my maternity leave as I possibly could. 29 days of blissful time off is exactly what this pregnant body needs!

I normally would have celebrated my first day off with a beer or some other wonderful alcoholic beverage to kick start my holidays. However this set of holidays began a little different. I grabbed dinner on the way home from work, watched TV while feeding my face and then fell asleep by 8:30pm. Ha!

I had another ultrasound on Monday that I brought Kelsey to. This ultrasound was recommended by my maternity centre, to monitor the growth of my baby in my weird shaped uterus. He's a busy babe and kept kicking the technician's hand and making her wand jump. I think after awhile she was getting annoyed because he wouldn't hold still for any measurements. LOL Once they got the measurements of me and him, they invited Kelsey into the room to see him on the screen. Since he's getting more squished in there and wouldn't hold still, the tech couldn't get a great shot of him. When Kelsey first walked in, she saw a great view of his side profile. After that it was a lot of views of body parts since he was starting to get camera shy. We confirmed that he's been laying transverse, which means he's laying across my abdomen with his back at the top of my stomach leaving his arms and legs kicking the bottom of my stomach. (Not comfy. At. All) Some days it feels like I'm storing a grown person in my stomach when he's stretching out across my stomach. It's the craziest feeling. This is not the ultimate desired position for a baby but he still has 2-4 weeks until they'd like to see him head down in the vertex position.

Here's a non evasive photo of how my baby (the doll) is postitioned in my stomach.
He's probably comfy as ever! But it's time to move, nugget.
Transverse lie
After that scan, I had a follow up appointment with the maternity centre. They said all our measurements were great. They aren't concerned about where he's laying just yet. They'll give him as long as 3-4 weeks to see if he moves on his own before seeing if they'll have to try and manually move him. They scheduled me another ultrasound in 2 weeks to see everything is alright with his growth in the space he has and to see where he'll be positioned then.
When they mentioned manually moving him, I started to get nervous. I youtubed videos how they can move the baby from out side of the womb and it looked uncomfortable for the mom. I then youtubed videos on how to move my baby from the transverse position myself. There are 3 ways that can assist with moving him. First, hip circles on a yoga ball- every day for 15 minutes for the next 10 days. Second is, stacking pillows, then propping your hips up on the incline with your back on the floor for 15 minutes a day. The pull of gravity in that position may move him. And lastly is the way that a pregnant lady sits. If your sitting, you should always be positioned with your back straight (so impossible to do the entire time when you sit 10-12 hours a day at work) keeping your legs apart and stomach in between your legs. I know it sounds weird but I'm willing to do anything to get him into position. Especially when I'd rather recline my chair, which they tell you to try and avoid. UGH. So yesterday began "Operation: Head Down Baby".

Here I go working that yoga ball. Circle, circle, circle- move baby move! 

Here's my stats for the week.....

How far along are you: 30 weeks! That means only 10 to go!!
Total weight loss/gain: I stood on the dreaded digital scale at the maternity centre. I'm up 33 pounds. I'm only 2 pounds away from my entire pregnancy weight gain goal. With 10 weeks to go, I'm sure I'm going to pass that. Gah. Food, why do you have to be so friggin delicious?
Maternity Clothes: My sister Kelsey is a god sent. She gave me some of her maxi dresses to get me through the summer knowing that I'm slowing out growing all the ones that I brought pre baby body.
Sleep: Those crazy vivid dreams are coming back that I had in the first trimester! Those are obviously subconsiously scheduled in between my bathrooms breaks.
Best Moment of the week: Seeing my little nugget on the big screen, waving and moving all around.
Anything that I miss: I tried wearing shorts the other day. Yup. Big mistake. I won't be wearing those anytime soon. I actually like wearing shorts. So I think that I can chalk that up to missing them, seeing that this body shouldn't be caught wearing them in this state.
Food Cravings: The witching hour for bad eating comes after 7pm. It's awful and I'm not sure what comes over me. But we've lost bags of popcorn, chocolate and boxes of ice cream during this time zone. So if you're ever visiting me around this time, please feed the animal.
Wedding rings on/off: on
Belly Button in/out: slightly out
Symptoms: Irritated. I'm glad I'm on holidays because some days I just want to relax and not be so irritated with EVERYTHING.
Moods: To go along with irritation, today I just wanted to tell people off that were irritating me. I saw a teenage girl walking in my neighbourhood with her buddies, throw her full pop from McDonald's right onto the street before I drove by. I stopped my car and rolled down the window asking her if it was ok if I went to her house and did that on her street. Normally I wouldn't have really cared and just drove by but I'm seriously irritated lately so I had to open my pregnant lady mouth. Let's hope next week my mood is tranquil. Hahaha