Friday, 13 June 2014

Week 31

This week I was spoiled by my close friends and family at my sweet baby shower. My bestie Cathie and my sister Kelsey did such a great job at putting this together! (and refusing to let me help in ANY way). It was a great afternoon spent with so many people who are as excited for Paul and I as we prepare for our little nugget to arrive in 2 short months. (let's hope it's not 2 long months!) My gal pal Chris has the greatest cake decorator and baker named Jodie from Sugar Tales where she gets all her cakes for her special occasions. Chris had told me that she was planning on getting a cake for my shower from Sugar Tales! I was so excited because Jodie had made our wedding cake and gender reveal cake. Both were gorgeous and equally as delicious, so I couldn`t wait to see how this one was going to turn out. Jodie definitely didn`t hold out! It was phenomenal! She took the idea from the cute shower invitations that read `Nicky`s about to POP!`and went with that theme.

The large popcorn tub cake on the top was a vanilla flavour with a buttercream icing under a homemade marshmallow fondant. The small popcorn tubs were chocolate. To create the popcorn, Jodie cut up little mini marshmallows and then sprayed a yellow food colouring to act as the butter topping. How adorable!

During the shower Cathie had organized the games, Guess the number of candy soothers in the bottle, Guess the size of Nicky`s belly and Guess the baby food (in this one guests had a popcicle stick and had to try 6 different flavours of jarred baby food. Ewww). She also had a cute photo of a baby crawling where guest were to write on a little blue balloon a sweet wish for the baby to be framed and obviously a pool in when guests thought the baby would be born. Some ladies were nice saying he`d be a week early.... some said over a week late! Ahhhh I hope not!

The sweet `shower`set up! 

My long time gal pals holding my babe

Auntie Kelly

Had to get a snap of the popcorn bar before it was almost gone!

Me and the rest of the gals from our Wives Club. Notice there`s another preggo to my left! She`s 5 weeks ahead of me and we can`t wait to meet that little babe!

My bestest gal pal Cathie. Thanks for such a great afternoon.
 I love your guts more than you know. 

My family! 

Here`s my stats for the week.....

How far along are you: 31 weeks
Total weight loss or gain: I`m going to guesstimate and say another 2 pounds
Maternity Clothes: All dresses all the time. 
Sleep: Not bad actually! I`m used to waking up every couple hours, but as long as I get back to sleep I`d say it`s a successful night! 
Best Moment of the week: Hanging out with my gal pals and friends at my baby shower
Food Cravings: I went to Fortinos and bought a clam shell pack of soft chocolate chip cookies and ate 4-5 to myself that night. Annnnnd I still keep going....
Wedding rings on or off: ON. Thank goodness. I didn`t think that they`d be lasting this long.
Symptoms: I woke up last night with heart burn at 3am. I don`t want to point fingers but it may be from those cookies and cake I ate before bed. LOL 
Moods: Irritable. Gah this is a brutal mood. Poor Paul. If he`s around I`m irritated at him. If I`m alone I`m irritated at something I`m doing. This mood goes on and on.... Beware, I may be irritated at you. Sorry ahead of time :)