Saturday, 28 June 2014

Week 33

We did it! We've finally moved into our new home! The move didn't go as bad as I was expecting. I'm not too sure what I was expecting but I was nervous for the day itself.

We've been anticipating this move for the last 3 months. When we first saw this home we both fell in love with it. It was everything that we were looking for with potential to update what wasn't in the home already. The plan is for this to be our forever home. It's absolutely amazing! So we had a lot of expectations riding on getting into this home, which made me nervous that something could come up and halt our transition. Are the movers going to show up? Is everything packed? Will we get the keys on time? Will we even get the keys? Is everything working alright in the new home? I know these are all silly things, but who knows what could have come up.

I thought that I was going to be a bit of an emotional mess leaving my first home behind. I think that the odds were in my favour because I actually didn't get a chance to stand around and get sentimental. The movers showed up 45 minutes late and without the 26 foot truck that we had agreed upon. Instead they bought a 17 foot truck and a cargo van, along with an 4th moving guy. Ummmm, that's lovely that you've brought an extra person for the move to help this go quicker but we had a price agreement, buddy. (For those who don't know, I'm somewhat thrifty. Paul likes to blame it on the fact that I'm Scottish. Whatever it is. I don't like to over pay for anything if I don't have to) Before I went all "pregnant lady" on this guy, I asked Paul to please confirm the cost that we had originally agreed to. Price was confirmed and they began moving. 

The boss of the 4 man crew told me that he'd like to drop off the first cargo van load down at the new house. There was only one problem. We haven't heard from our lawyer about picking up the house keys yet. Boss moving man suggested he just leave the first load in the driveway. Oh really? I don't like leaving my sunglasses in my locked car over night and you want to leave a LOAD of my personal belongings in a driveway to a home we can't even get into yet? Fine. I'll go down and guard that load. Let's go. So there I was in all my pregnant hormone glory, sitting in my car, waiting for a call from the lawyer, praying that the skies don't come pouring rain down on me (it was very overcast at this point with a 50% chance of rain) while trying to get any service on my phone to entertain myself. It was during this point that my bestie Cathie text messaged me to find out how the move is going. Oh poor thing didn't know the rage that was about to show up from my responding text. After sitting on the porch texting with her for 30 minutes, I see her pull into the driveway. She gets out, smiling, holding 2 cups of gelato and a bag of chocolate. What a gal!!! She really lifted my mood by just showing up. The goodies were a bonus! Side note: Cathie likes to celebrate with chocolate from "Monks Chocolate" in Grimsby. (Did I mention she's my best friend? Hahaha) When she stopped there for some goodies, she inquired about getting a chocolate shaped Key. Ironic enough, they didn't have any keys that day. LOL I had to laugh at that! 

Shortly after we polished off those gelatos, the guys came down with the first load on the truck, but we still didn't have the keys!!!! After waiting close to 30 minutes, I got the word that they keys were in the lawyers hand, money transfer was done and the keys are available for pick up. START THE CAR!!!! Luckily for us, the lawyer is honestly 8 blocks away from our new house so I was there stat! After I arrived back, I was in all my glory. I got to show our friends who showed up the tour of the new home, while the movers got everything into the house. And I didn't feel bad about not helping! Yay! 

Overall, the move went well and I have to give a lot, if not all of the credit to Paul. He did SO MUCH that entire day. I really wished that I could have helped out more. Moving while being 8 1/2 months pregnant definitely doesn't allow you to help much. He's such a rock. He even let me bitch when I needed to and he didn't complain. Gosh I love him.

Now that we're in the house, I can't wait to get back to making more stuff for the baby's room! I've been pinning like crazy so be prepared to be overloaded on hand made projects that I'll be doing next week:)

Here's my stats for the week.....

How far along are you: 33 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: I'd say I'm up 36 pounds by now. 
Maternity clothes: Since I've packed all my things up, I kept a few pieces of large comfy clothes out for the day of the move and the days following. Needless to say I've been sporting the bummy look over the past few days. (See weekly photo for proof) 
Sleep: I've been getting really stuffed up during my sleep at night. It's annoying when I can't breathe because of the giant baby growing in me pressing up against my diaphragm, let alone waking up to blow my nose a few (hundred) times throughout the night. (on top of the usual bathroom breaks I'm already up for)
Best Moment of the week: Since my little nugget has been staying in the vertex position (head down), his little feet have been positioned on my left side. If I rest my arm on that side of my stomach and I can feel his legs move and press up against my stomach. It's amazing!! Not so amazing when he's moving his legs to play my ribs like a xylophone. 
Food Cravings: I got my braces tightened for the SECOND LAST time this week so my food choices had to revolve around anything soft to chew. Ice cream is always good in times of need. 
Wedding rings on/off: I haven't taken them off recently. So they will stay on unless my fingers start turning purple. 
Symptoms: During the evening of the move, I started feeling sore. Down there. As if I had done a bunch of goblet squats the day before. I did do them a few days prior, but this soreness would have come and gone already. I started wondering if I did too much during the move? Well I felt this pain the next day and the day after that. The only way I can describe this feeling was as if I was punched in the crotch or I had sex non stop for the past week. Since neither one of those things have happened, I wondered what the heck is going on? Google to the rescue!! Here's where I'd like to ask where's all my former pregnant ladies at? How come NONE of you warned me about sore vagina? I knew it would happen AFTER I gave birth, but before? From what I've read so far- the baby is getting into position, applying pressure down there and since I'm far along in my pregnancy it's apparently perfectly normal. Awesome. Sore crotch syndrome. 
(here's a link of one of the 5 sites I read about it: link to sore crotch during pregnancy )
Moods: I'm all over the place. I'm large and in charge just stay out of my way. 

This was taken last Saturday when a bunch of us all went out for dinner, for the last time before Carrie's baby is born. She's due July 3rd (5 weeks before me) and she's ready to go! Now we just need that little one to be ready to1eave!

Here was a view of how my living room looked for the last week or so at the old place. I hated having to dodge around all these boxes. I had to start packing earlier on in the month because of how tired I would get in between packing up each box and having to take breaks. 

In between one of those packing breaks, I was invited by my long term friend Pat- who will be shortly known as Uncle Pat- for a little dip in his pool. Best packing break ever! Here's me and the nugget taking our first dip together :)

After moving into the new place, I got a chance to check out all the things that make this house incredibly cool. Every time I see these 4 items, I giggle. Starting top left going clockwise: our rose coloured jacuzzi in our master bathroom, 6 foot chandelier that hangs in the front hallway, bidet in the ensuite bathroom and the 1980's intercom that can be found in every room of the house and patio. LOL

I know this isn't the most glamourous photo of me, but isn't that what pregnancy does to a woman? Since all my clothes are still in boxes, I've just been pulling clothing items out and wearing them as long as they fit. This used to be a shirt I would wear over my bathing suit. Now this just barely reaches the end of my belly, which means it fits! (for now) Here's me, looking like an Easter Egg after the move.

Paul's going to be taking many trips to Home Depot in the next little while, trying to get the house up to our standard. He never minds when I tag along because we always get the VIP pregnant lady spots right at the front of the store due to my every growing belly.