Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Week 34

Happy Canada Day!!!!

Today is our beautiful country's birthday. It's such a great day to be a Canadian and see how proud everyone around you is excited to be a Canadian as well. I love seeing the Canadian flags attached to passing cars, the memorabilia people are seen wearing and not to mention all the Canadian beer/booze that is drank on this day!! But I have to be honest. I haven't been one to celebrate this holiday religiously. Being a shift worker for the past 7 years has put a dent on celebrating holidays ON the actual day itself. This year I'm off, but extremely pregnant so no partying is happening for this year's Canada Day. (excuses excuses) So I waddled to Old Navy and purchased a Canadian tank that would fit me and the nugget, to show our pride this year. That's not too shabby eh?

Today also marks 30 days I have left to wear my braces (thank friggin goodness!!!) and even better is the countdown of 40 days until our baby boy's due date!! Woo!

Now that we are in our family home and this is the place where we FINALLY can start doing the baby's nursery, I've been excited to get moving on the decor of his room. It really didn't make too much sense to start buying things when we were at the old house, only to have to move all the things into this place. On the second day we got in here, Paul was ready to start renovating the master bedroom and wanted to get the colours chosen for when he's ready to paint. When we were at Benjamin Moore, we chose our master bedroom colours and while we were there I mentioned that we should look at nursery colours. We both are on the same page as how we vision our nugget's room to look, so when I came across this dreamy "gossamer blue", he agreed that was the colour to get. With that colour chosen, I was ready to head down to Ottawa Street and pick out fabrics for his crib bedding. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into the textile stores and browsed the fabrics, taking pictures for ideas on what to use for his bedding. I'm not sure why I couldn't commit to a fabric without having to visit the stores THAT many times. But now that I'm running out of time ready to get started, I made the decision. I'm only making the crib skirt and fitted sheet first because they seem to be good to start with. Here's my selection of what I chose. Please send me some good vibes that it turns out!

Here's my stats for the week....

How far along are you: 34 weeks (that's a month and a half left!!!)
Total weight gain/loss: I'll keep this one open as I still have an appointment on Thursday with the maternity centre, and I like to be surprised. Not.
Maternity Clothes: purchased 2 tanks from Old Navy this week in Large sizes that they had on special for $4. I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any more clothes to fit the growing bump with my limited time left but at $4 a pop I couldn't refuse as I'm running out of shirts that cover the bottom of my belly. LOL
Sleep: Since we've moved into our new home, Paul has been exceptionally busy working on our master bedroom to have it be the first room finished for us. (You'd think it might be the nursery but since the baby will be sleeping in our room in the bassinet for the first few months of his life, that master bedroom will most likely be the room of choice that we'll be in most of the sleeping time. And you can't put a time frame on when that would have been done once the baby arrives) Having said that, we've been having sleep overs on the couch in the family room while the painting is completed. Couch sleeping isn't that awful when you're pregnant either! I'm propped up like I was in bed with lots of pillows and I have the back of the couch to keep me from rolling onto my back during my sleep. Highly recommended for those preggos who are having a hard time sleeping in their bed.
Best Moment of the week: still being able to work out at the gym while being THIS BIG! I went to a new gym this week and it was funny seeing the looks I was getting from people watching me work out with my big belly. I only go 3 times a week, but it's still something I'm really happy that I kept up with. Let's hope it pays off post pregnancy. One can only dream!
Food Cravings: pancakes. Mmmmmmm
Missing anything: as the summer has come, along comes the cravings for a nice cold beer on these hot days. Any time Paul and I are out for dinner, I urge him to order one just so I can see someone enjoy it! Gah I wish it was me though :)
Symptoms: I had a brutal Braxton Hicks contraction last night. We were leaving our last prenatal class and Paul wanted to head to Home Depot. I was starting to experience some lower back pain and mentioned that I'd rather just go home. But since we were passing it on the way home, I pulled into the lot and told him that I'd just wait in the car. During the 35 minutes that I waited in there, the pain in my back got stronger, I started to get cramps in my lower abs and then the baby starting hiccuping adding to it all. It got pretty bad that I started worrying what this was. I turned to trusty Dr Google to find out what Braxton Hicks contractions feels like. Mostly every symptom they mentioned, I was experiencing. It also said that if I could get up, walk and move into another position and the pain starts to slow down, then it's just Braxton Hicks and not REAL labour. So I got out of the car, paced around, then leaned on the open door frame, while shifting my hips back and forth. After a couple minutes I started to feel better. Wooooo. That was brutal Can't wait for real labour. Insert eye roll here.

This is my usual hair do these days. It's so friggin hot that I can't be bothered to blow dry it. 

I have to add one of the out takes of our progress pictures to show off my patriotic shirt that fits!!!