Friday, 11 July 2014

Week 35

This week started out with such amazing weather. On my first day off, I took advantage of the warm sun and our new private backyard by hanging our clothes out to dry. I've never hung clothes outside to dry before as my last backyard was like a fish bowl: everyone would have been able to see what I'm hanging out there. I didn't care for that! So in a few hours I got 3 loads of laundry done and dried. I just wish we could have summer all year round! 

When the pretty weather started to fade on us, I got working on the baby's crib bedding. I've been following a pleated crib skirt pattern that hopefully turns out with these fabrics. I've done some altering to the pattern, where I hope I haven't botched the final product by doing that. I still have much to do, but I'm feeling ok about it so far. Trial and error is the name of the game. I just learnt about tension on my thread. Thank goodness for YouTube and Google because I was loosing my mind, wondering why my thread was bunching under my fabric after awhile. Grrrrrr! Crisis averted. 

I've been dying for a swimming pool for as long as I can remember. Now that we have a backyard large enough to build one, my hopes for having one built is at an all time high. However money is definitely a factor so I've had to settle for a small thing I can float my pregnant body in the mean time. Many stores were having sales on last weekend, so I scooped up this 30" x 10ft pool to fill up and use at my lesuire. I can't wait until it's actually warm enough to use it!!
All I need now is a good floatie and a great book :)

My wonderful husband has been working his butt off in the nursery. As you can see the room we chose for the baby's room was already blue. Total coinsidence! Paul actually has big plans for this room. He's the master mind behind the main design! He began with taking out the rod from the walk in closet, then installing crown moulding around the room. After a couple trips back and forth to Home Depot, he's settled on panels for the wainscotting. You can see from these photos that the original trim is pine. It's in great condition from when the home was originally built but just a tad outdated and not our taste. So while I was out, he was able to start priming the trim with an oil primer, before he starts to paint it white. (The oil primer is exceptionally stinky!) During his next days off Paul will be painting the walls. I'm really excited to see how this is going to turn out! We'll finally have a baby nursery :) 

Here's my stats for the week.... (Yes I'm wearing a sequin top. What else does a pregnant lady wear/fit into to Lady Gaga's concert?? Lol)

How far along are you: 35 weeks. Almost there!!! Just finishing up my 8th month :)
Total weight gain/loss: oh man. I think I'm working my way into the early 180's. 
Maternity clothes: umm, I'm starting to find that my belly is out growing my large shirts! I'm trying to do throw backs to clothes that I haven't worn in ages to see if they fit. If they do, they're right for the job! 
Sleep: it's been a weird few nights. His little feet in my ribs make it difficult to lay in any position other than laying on my left side. I'm a toss and turner so I like variety. My baby love doesn't allow this to happen. This makes it hard to get comfy when I want to get back to sleep. 
Best moment of the week: starting to see progress on the nursery! But mainly feeling my squirmy worm in my belly. Long gone are the days of kicks, and now I only feel him wiggle and squirm. It's crazy to feel his entire body move in my belly! 
Food cravings: oh just about anything yummy. One day hotdogs, next is ice cream and before you know it's slurpees! 
Missing anything: my normal body. I'm morphing into something I can't recognize any more :( 
Symptoms: I thought I was in the clear. I really did! But it happened. I officially have swollen feet. I was at work when I flexed my feet and felt immediate tightness. I looked down and to my surprise, THEY WERE HUGE! Where did these come from!? Ugh. I was so embarrassed to see that it's finally caught up with me. I iced them in the evening, downed some water and elevated them above my hips like they recommend. But it's no use. They're here to stay. Tingly like pins and needles. Add this to all the recent symptoms I'm accumulating and I'm a hot mess. Oh baby, look what mama is doing for you! Hahaha