Friday, 18 July 2014

Week 36

This week marks another one of my friends who has left the pregnancy train and had her baby! Our good friends Carrie and Jay welcomed their daughter Emma on Saturday July 12th. We are over the moon for these 2 as they are going to be wonderful parents, and this little girl is so incredibly lucky.

As the weeks tick by, our baby is starting to feel like he`s ready to head out and I'm physically ready for the baby but our house isn't!! We needed to get a step on preparing our home for our newest addition. Paul has been working like crazy on the baby's nursery, where I've been keeping busy sewing the baby's bedding. But we still need some things for the little nugget. First thing's first. Our little babe probably won't be sleeping in his crib right away. We are wanting to have him in our room for a little while in a bassinet, making it easier for night time feedings and getting used to this new person we're in charge of! (also to avoid the risk of SIDS) I have been reading up on how long people usually keep their babies in their room in a bassinet. It seems that a few months is the norm, until they practically grow out of their bassinet. So knowing that these little babies are only there for 2-4 months, I figured these bassinets are hardly being used and maybe buying second hand wouldn`t be such a bad idea.  

I started searching online for bassinets that I really liked and found a style that both Paul and I agreed that we wanted for our baby. I searched and posted on some mom2mom sites to see if anyone had that style of bassinet available for sale. Other moms out on these sites are pretty awesome, because within the day I had a few messages on bassinets they were selling or suggestions on where they had seen the style we were looking for. Wouldn`t you know that within a couple of days I was able to pick up the bassinet we wanted that was only used for almost a month and was less than half the cost of buying it new. Score! Thrifty Nicky strikes again :)

Now we wanted to get something that would probably be used a lot in the months to come. A nursing chair! Paul and I got the chance to go on the hunt for a comfy recliner rocker that we`d also be using to help our sweet one drift off to sleep.  I didn`t want a wooden rocking chair as it never appealed to me that it`s very comfortable. I had the image of a plush recliner with the capability of allowing us to fall asleep in it, if need be. Well thrifty Nicky had been scanning stores for sales and online sites but nothing was really coming up. Paul had the suggestion of looking at outlet stores and see what we could find there. Good one Paul! We found something right away! I`m not really one to purchase a light coloured piece of furniture, but this one was perfect for what we both liked. 

At this week's maternity centre appointment I had to be tested for Group B Strep. I never knew what this was until I Googled it. Apparently it's bacteria that lives in 1/3 of our intestines. Between 15-40% of women have this bacteria in their vagina. Soooooo having said that, they need to know if it's there and where it's harbouring before le bebe comes as it could cause the baby some problems. And it might not! For more information on it, copy this link 

Here`s my stats for the week.....(man do I ever look huge and tired. Ugh. Well in all fairness this was taken at 10pm last night) 

How far along are you: 36 weeks! Just about a month to go!
Total weight gain or loss: I got weighed in at my appointment today at 184 pounds! Good grief. That`s 46 pounds for all you keeping score. 
Maternity clothes: I think that I`m over this portion of my stats. It`s not going to change until the baby comes out. I`m large and I feel like nothing fits. End of story.
Wedding rings: they're still on!! I'm amazed. 
Sleep: cat naps during the day is the way to go. I could fall asleep doing anything. It`s just too bad it takes me awhile to get in a comfortable position to actually GET to sleep.
Best Moment of the week: When my baby kicked the doctor`s hand, while she was trying to hear his heart beat with the doppler. The doctor was surprised and I just laughed because finally someone got the chance to see how crazy he is in there. After the kick he shifted his body to make it more difficult to get his heart beat. Haha... what a crazy baby! 
Food Cravings: Look at the size of me. I don`t need to crave anything. Food just migrates itself to me! 
Missing anything: my pre baby body. I`m going to have to get working real hard to get close to what I looked like before. Thinking about it just makes me tired!
Symptoms: Let`s see.....sore crotch, sore back, grouchy moods, swollen feet, braxton hicks.....So far not tooooooo bad. I don`t have these symptoms altogether at the same time. It just rotates throughout the days. When`s this nesting instinct going to kick in?? I can`t muster up a lot of energy to unpack and organize my house yet. I will do a little bit then get disinterested and move on. C`mon nesting! Find yourself in my body please!! Haha
Moods: Happy or moody as heck. I get more annoyed as the day goes on. By the end of the day when I`m sitting on my couch with a heating pack on my back and I`m needing to get up to use the washroom every hour, I start to crab up. Hence, why I eat the most at night. Eating shuts me up for the most part. Hahahaha. 

I'll leave you on this note....