Thursday, 24 July 2014

Week 37

Here we go. We're in the home stretch. Our little baby boy is officially full term. This is the part in my pregnancy that I honestly thought would never get here! I've been tracking my pregnancy since day one (literally) on 4-5 different pregnancy apps on my iphone. Every week was better than the last. Every picture they showed of an ultrasound and what my baby could potentially look like, began to look more and more like an actual baby. I always wondered what the next week would bring, heck- I wondered what the next month would be like! Every day was something new and different that was happening to my body. It's the greatest science experiment that I've ever been a part of. 

Now I sit here and know that I have a full grown baby that's scrunched up in my tummy, sucking his hands, hiccuping, sitting on my bladder, with his feet in my left ribs and head down (like a good baby in position that should be ready to go!). My mind still can't wrap around the fact that this is our first child who will grace us with his presence any day now! (With my luck it'll be in a couple weeks, let's not kid ourselves here) But this person, is someone I've dreamt about for years. Being young and imagining what it would be like when I'm a mom and I have children. THIS IS IT. I'm about to be a mom. The man of my dreams is about to be a dad. We made a person who will be in our lives forever (and hopefully only live with us until he's done his schooling, hahaha). Paul and I have tried prepared for our lives to be changed by one small person that we've wanted so badly, for so long. I await the day that I am in excruciating pain, knowing that you're finally ready to meet us. It's the weirdest thing to wait for that pain that will notify us that you're ready, but I'm dying for that moment. I've packed your bag with the clothes we'll put you in when we meet you for the first time. I'm ready for our first meet, baby. 

Here's my stats for the week.....

How far along are you: 37 weeks and FULL TERM!!
Total weight gain/loss: This is the part where I was hoping I'd be able to say I've lost weight, or haven't gained any weight- meaning the baby is preparing for his departure. However that's not the case and I'm probably up a pound or 2 from last week. 
Sleep: It's still fairly easy to get to sleep because I'm always so tired at the end of the day. I have been milking my sleeping habits for all it's worth knowing that I won't be able to sleep for hours consecutively once he arrives. AND HERE IT IS IN PRINT that I've been sleeping every chance I've been able to get. (to Nicky reading this in the future: sleep was glorious. You did it as much as you could. Rock on sister. Sorry about your luck now. LOL)
Best Moment of the week: doing more things around the house to prepare for the baby. I washed ALL of his clothes. (my hands were cramped the next day from folding such tiny items) I've packed his and my bag for the hospital, which means it's soooo soon! AND we, or should I say Paul has finally been able to put his crib together!! We've only had it in our possession since April, but moving and painting his room did take a few months to do. Paul also put together all his baby contraptions- car seat, stroller, baby vibrating/soothing chair and installed the car seat. Ahhhhh! It's baby central over here. Not to mention, we got a porch swing for our balcony (that I wanted soooo badly) for breast feeding time!! Paul's setting that up as we speak.
Food Cravings: As the weeks pass, I've had those reminders that pregnancy cravings won't be so cute when I'm not pregnant any more. I'm slowly starting to cut out the junk food that I've let myself have over these last 9 months. Today during our grocery shop, I wrote on our list NO ICE CREAM, and stuck to it. No chips, no cookies...... It's going to be a shock to the system, especially at night when my cravings are at it's all time high, but I need to start getting a grip. Operation "Yummy Mummy Post Baby Body" will be taking affect in a few short weeks. 
Missing Anything: Beer. I want a cold draft beer dammit.
Symptoms: Lots of symptoms. A Lot. I can't forget the newest one; carpel tunnel in my right hand. This is a fun one :/ luckily I still have wrist braces from when I had tendonitis. 
Moods: Giggly as hell this week. Will laughing bring the baby out? Stay tuned!

Here's the beginning the remedies/ techniques I'll be using for "Operation get Baby Koz out". Part 1- raspberry leaf tea. I steep it for 20 minutes because I like it strong, then I'll refridgerate it because it's summer and hot drinks suck in this weather when you're already as hot as a stove. 

While Paul was renovating the nursery, he wouldn't let me view it until it was complete. Here's his way of creating an obstacle to keep me out by setting up all his tools in the way of the nursery door. Hahaha
This is what the room looked like before. 

And here's the after. Freshly painted ceiling, crown moulding, wainscoting, repainted trim, ceiling fan and the blue was changed to Gossamer blue by Benjamin Moore paints. 

Here's the proud dad to be setting up his baby's crib :) 

The final product! I won't go into detail now about the issues I ran into while making the bed skirt, but here it is completed. 

What you can't see is the matching pleats on the skirt go with with fitted sheet I made. Grrrrr. It's still pretty cool though. 

Part 2 of "Operation get Baby Koz out"- walking every damn day. Here's his auntie Courtney helping me along. What's a trip to Hutches without some ice cream? 
Before I finished this post, Paul told me he finished setting up the porch swing. So here is me and the bump enjoying our first swing together.