Friday, 15 August 2014

Week 39

What a week that has been! I thought I was going to explode. Literally. I am stuffed full of baby (and ice cream). I didn't know how much longer I was going to be pregnant for. I started to brace myself in thinking that I was going to be pregnant forever. I thought that might be easier thinking that, instead of waking up every day wondering if "today is the day"

Here are that weeks stats....

How far along are you: 39 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 51 friggin pounds. Yikes
Sleep: It's sooooo hard to stay asleep. So when I close my eyes for more than 5 minutes that means I slept. LOL
Wedding rings on/off: Engagement ring still off, can't get wedding ring off my finger.
Best Moment of the week: I HAD MY BABY THIS WEEK!!! More on that later :)
Food Cravings: We went to St.Catharines rib fest on the Civic holiday Monday. I love ribs and pulled pork!! Oh don't forget, the funnel cake as well :)
Symptoms: Before I went into labour I had my 3rd stretch and sweep. This one really hurt. I cramped all day on the Tuesday it was done, and a lot the next day. My lightening I was experiencing was awful. I thought my body was falling apart. Not to mention I went into labour on Thursday! Ahhhh!!